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The Things I Carry

I carry my CCSD identification badge and the tracking device contained therein. I carry my keys, guaranteed entrance to most doors in our school, except those most in need of opening.

I carry the burden of expectation, the anxiety borne of the worst kind of perfectionism–the feeling that you are forever letting other people down. I carry the endless list of questions: Am I a good teacher? Am I good enough to make this meaningful? If I cannot make it meaningful to students, does it…

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How does communication affect our relationships with people?


“She opened the closet and dug through a pile of leftover junk until she found an antique, yellow rotary phone; she’d bought it herself at a garage sale back in high school--because she’d been exactly that kind of pretentious” (Rowell 25).

Landline phones have long since become a thing of the past. I’ve never seen an actual landline…

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"America" student poems

Here are some efforts from my English 11 students, using Whitman and, in one case, Hughes as models.

Macie B


I see America singing, the varied carols I see,
Those of teenagers, each one singing theirs as it should be emotional and strong,
The attention seeking, singing hers as she spreads another rumor,
The athlete singing his as his final season comes to an unfortunate end,
The alcoholic college kids singing what appears to be a jumbled mess as…

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Ben Becker posted discussions
4 hours ago
Ben Becker posted a discussion
Before I dive into the topic of this blog, I would like to clarify some things. I am a libertarian, as I don't subscribe to modern liberalism or progressivism, but I am also not a conservative all the way because of the religious aspect (as I am an…
Ben Becker replied to Arjeta Veliu's discussion How hard it has become to post.
"It is very meta of you to post about posting. It is like a picture of a picture of a picture type scenario. Posting on the forum can become challenging if there isn't anything new in the world of media, but, there is always something to talk about,…"
William Polking via Twitter
The worst decisions we make all involve not wanting to feel alone. But we also make our best decisions for that same reason.
William Polking via Twitter
Downside of cold March rain: No soccer practice. Upside? Finished Goodbye Days by @jeffzentner, and it reminded me why stories matter.
Arjeta Veliu posted a discussion
As I sit here trying to think of stories that I have seen or been a part of during the week that I could share on the blog, I can't come up with anything. This got me too thinking of how we all think about our post so much before we post it. Each an…
Ben Becker replied to Ben Becker's discussion Annoying Celebrities
"No one watches the Golden Globes to listen to Meryl Streep's opinion about Trump. They want to watch an awards ceremony. I do acknowledge that celebrities have opinions, but I have the right to ignore and call out their opinions and criticize them.…"
William Polking replied to Jeffrey Tait's discussion Is News Really News
"News is rarely just news anymore. We as a culture demand to be entertained, and thus everything becomes entertainment. Look at the pressures on schools to also be entertaining and engaging. I argue this is all related."
William Polking replied to Molly Riesselman's discussion OABCIG School Lunch Fight
"Sadly, yes, one of the ways media constructs our view of the world is bullying. I read an interesting piece of research that said Internet trolls for the most part do not act that way in their real lives. The way communicating on a screen changes us…"
Elizabeth Neal posted a discussion
In todays world Instagram and Snapchat are everything. Based on what you post is what defines you. It's weird to think that your pictures are suppose to tell your life story. So, if I post a picture with only a couple of my friends out of our whole…
leslie luft replied to Molly Riesselman's discussion MSNBC Time with Grandma
"My dad does the same exact thing. He'll sit there for hours watching fox news which is clearly biased towards republicans, and just consumes this garbage. It's not even news...It's a commentary on censored news. He needs something else to do with hi…"
William Polking replied to Molly Riesselman's discussion MSNBC Time with Grandma
"What's frightening is that for many in the older generation, they watch cable news CONSTANTLY. And it is dangerously skewing how they see America."
William Polking replied to Ben Becker's discussion Annoying Celebrities
"If we don't "give a crap" about the opinions of others, aren't we already hopelessly divided? Why should we expect anyone to "give a crap" about our own opinions? Or do we only not "give a crap" about opinions that we disagree with?

People are all…"
Molly Riesselman replied to Elizabeth Neal's discussion Is Social Media the Dumping ground for Talking Trash?
"Social media is definitely where people talk the most trash because they are afraid of conflict. It is so much easier to say something online than it is in person because we all like to think we are fairly nice and most of us don't have the guts to…"
Molly Riesselman posted discussions
Molly Riesselman replied to Alexis Fisher's discussion Facebook
"I agree. I look at my Facebook posts that come up on my Timehop and I kick my 12 year old self for posting such stupid things. One thing that Facebook has on everyone else is its long feeds. I feel like I have the most friends on Facebook than any o…"