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The Things I Carry

I carry my CCSD identification badge and the tracking device contained therein. I carry my keys, guaranteed entrance to most doors in our school, except those most in need of opening.

I carry the burden of expectation, the anxiety borne of the worst kind of perfectionism–the feeling that you are forever letting other people down. I carry the endless list of questions: Am I a good teacher? Am I good enough to make this meaningful? If I cannot make it meaningful to students, does it…

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How does communication affect our relationships with people?


“She opened the closet and dug through a pile of leftover junk until she found an antique, yellow rotary phone; she’d bought it herself at a garage sale back in high school--because she’d been exactly that kind of pretentious” (Rowell 25).

Landline phones have long since become a thing of the past. I’ve never seen an actual landline…

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"America" student poems

Here are some efforts from my English 11 students, using Whitman and, in one case, Hughes as models.

Macie B


I see America singing, the varied carols I see,
Those of teenagers, each one singing theirs as it should be emotional and strong,
The attention seeking, singing hers as she spreads another rumor,
The athlete singing his as his final season comes to an unfortunate end,
The alcoholic college kids singing what appears to be a jumbled mess as…

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William Polking via Twitter
We are held together by little more than flakes of skin, feints of memory, and traces of decency, yet somehow we continue.
Madison Lawler replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"At first I did not really know what this song was about, I did not know what the title meant or the lyrics. The tone of the song was yelling, which to me meant that the singer was trying to get their point across. The song literally means separation…"
Arjeta Veliu replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"This song personally is not one I would listen to on a daily basis. I thought the meaning behind the song was about family and siblings. Even though you may have disagreements sometime and fight they are still your fundamental base. The song music w…"
Jeffrey Tait replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"I think that the song is definitely a tigges song. I felt like the meaning behind the song was relating to cell phones. I thought it was saying that we all are obsessed with our phones and have separated ourselves from one on one conversation."
Elizabeth Neal replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"I couldn't really connect to the song. I saw a very emotional side to it though. My thought process was that there was relationship that had gone bad. Based on the lyrics, "And the circling is worth it," I said from there that maybe the relationship…"
Molly Schrader replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"I think that this song makes more sense after learning what schism. This song starts off with a fast beat and lowers then goes fast again. I think that is has a good message showing that they have split because they don't have right communication wi…"
Molly Riesselman replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"I had never heard the song before and I was kind of shocked by it. I don't usually listen to that kind of music so I was really interested by it. I was kind of confused by the song and the lyrics. I feel as though the band was more worried about the…"
Ben Becker replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"At first, I thought this song had to deal with a relationship gone awry. When it talked about brothers and lovers, I figured it had to deal with a guy who burned his bridges with his girlfriend and his family. The song repeatedly talked about pieces…"
Megan Schieffer replied to Lukas Lawler's discussion Song of the Day
"I did think about a church while listening to this song because they did talk about Poetry and a covet and a temple so I thought of it as a religious group splitting up because they don't agree with one little thing. When you think of a temple crumb…"
Megan Schieffer replied to Elizabeth Neal's discussion Blog Post
"I remember getting off work on Sunday and looking at Snap Chat and I could not believe how much people were posting it's like they depend on social media for their Spring break to be amazing. I literally didn't even check my stories until I got to m…"
Jada Snyder replied to Akelah Hill's discussion 13 Reasons Why
"I agree, When you read a book that later becomes a movie, sometimes they may cut out some stuff from the book, or they add more into the movie. But they also make the book come alive because now instead of trying to imagine the image and how it woul…"
Jeffrey Tait replied to Molly Schrader's discussion The Distraction of Media
"It's kind of interesting to see how much our lives have changed. At lunch 5 years ago no one had their phones out and now 5 years later everyone is using their phone."
Anna Schultes replied to Elizabeth Neal's discussion Blog Post
"I had to work half a day shift on Easter and when I showed up some co-workers were eating lunch and one of the cooks walked in and the supervisor asked, "Jack, is to day Easter?" He responded with, "No I don't think it is." They were both exaggerati…"
Jeffrey Tait posted a discussion
Every advertisement is trying to push their product on you. They have many ways of doing this, but one way that I've noticed is how things are filmed in advertisements. Whether it be a establishing shot, a low angle, or a high angle they are trying…
Akelah Hill posted a discussion
So I’m watching the new show called 13 Reasons Why  and let me tell you it keeps you on your feet. Some background of this showed would be how this series was just a book once a upon a time. Same title but the way they make book into movies is amazi…
Lukas Lawler posted a discussion
Tool is a progressive rock band featuring vocalist Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones, bassist Justin Chancellor (formerly Paul D’Amour), and drummer Danny Carey. They have only released 4 albums, Undertow (1993), AEnima (1996), Lateralus (2…