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Friday was a sad day for alumni of the University of Notre Dame. News of yet another academic scandal involving the football team, this one reaching beyond any one player and likely reaching beyond the current team. Once again we wonder if championship-level college athletics have simply become incommensurate with the stated goals of an academic institution, especially one such as Notre Dame that likes to claim a "higher standard." When fans chant "We Are ND," academic fraud is not what we have in mind.

But Friday was also the day I first saw this video about Malcolm Mitchell, a wide receiver for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. Malcolm is a big reader, and over the summer he joined a book club full of much older (and whiter) women. With all the bad news in the world this summer and these last two weeks in particular, this is a small reminder that the world can be better, and that reading can help make it so. It also reinforces my belief that we need a Book Club here at Carroll High School.

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