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Syllabus Update the Last

A proper education enables young people to put their lives in order, which means knowing what things are more important than other things; it means putting first things first.

              Wendell Berry

Weeks Seventeen and Eighteen (sort of) (1.4-1.15):


Welcome back. We will shift into our final unit, looking at the rhetorical triangle of logos, ethos, and pathos. For some, the lucky ones, this will be review. We will be using these elements of rhetoric to analyze commercials and political advertisements, working together to analyze as many as possible in class as practice.

Then you have to choose one commercial or political advertisement that we have NOT looked at together in class and write a 2-4 page analysis of that commercial/advertisement. That paper is due by Friday, January 15.

I wish I could give you another weekend to polish your analysis, but our district made the curious decision to end one semester and begin the next in the same week, leaving those of us who teach college writing classes more than a little “under the cosh,” as our British friends like to say.

This 2-4 page analysis fulfills the DMACC mandate, a mandate that we will discuss briefly in class Monday. As part of that mandate, three students from each section have been chosen by DMACC to have their essays sent in for assessment. No fear: the assessment is anonymized, and is used to judge ENG 105 as a whole, not you individually, me individually, or even our sections.



Continue to view and analyze commercials and advertisements to prepare for the analysis paper.

We will make use of the following websites, though when it comes time to choose your own, you may use any online resource you can find. YouTube alone has a plethora of commercials and advertisements.


We will also make use of the following resources for the rhetorical triangle in general and advertising analysis in particular:






No class. Your final book blog response is due in the SAME forum you used for the first part by class time tomorrow. Please be sure to return any books that belong to the classroom library.

Once again I am offering a smidgen of extra credit for anyone who shares a “Shelfie” with me featuring your book (I’d advise grabbing the cover for this purpose).



Self assess final book blog posts and return books.

Final day for in-class analysis of commercials and advertisements. I will create a forum in which you need to paste the link of the commercial you plan to use for analysis.

You also need to include this link at the beginning of your analysis essay.



No class. You need to have provided your link in the appropriate forum by regular class time. Feel free to come in if you have questions about your choice.


Monday 1.11:

We will complete the required DMACC Scantron evaluation. It takes about three minutes minimum and five minutes maximum.

Time to analyze and draft.


Tuesday 1.12:

Time analyze and draft.

Wednesday 1.13:

No class.


Thursday 1.14:


Turn in your Hacker Guides. Those of you who are with me in Comp II next semester will get a copy back next week. Those of you with Ms. Gach will receive a copy from her.

Time to analyze and draft.

 The link to your finished essay must be submitted by the beginning of school on Friday, January 15. You are not required to write a reflection for this essay, as that is not part of the DMACC update.

Make sure your essay contains the link to view your advertisement; I cannot assess your analysis (which is the most important part of this essay, by far) if I cannot view the advertisement you are analyzing.

I will comment directly within Google Documents.


For those chosen by DMACC for the ENG 105 assessment, I will download your essays and print them off. (Names are removed before printing.)


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