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Week Fifteen + Holiday Remix Syllabus Update

One of the tragedies of our lives is how much we miss out on because we think there's something

more interesting happening wherever we aren't; it is a lesson always learned too late.

                                            Alex Balk

Week Fifteen + Holiday Remix (12.14-12.23):


Make sure your "Love" concept draft is shared with me and your writing group members before class begins. 2-4 pages and a works cited with the two essays we analyzed in class.

We will begin with the read-aloud peer response protocol. As these essays are shorter, I imagine all group members will have time to read and receive oral feedback today. If not, we can finish in class tomorrow.

When you have finished listening and sharing, then proceed to the documents themselves to add thoughtful comments.


Continue with the peer response protocol, and then begin to revise your own essay. As we seek a gradual release of responsibility for you as writers, I will not be reading/commenting on your preliminary draft. However, I am happy to entertain specific questions in class today or via e-mail (or in person) the rest of the week.

Wednesday (shortened periods):

No class. The first book blog post of your second book needs to be posted by class time tomorrow. Please go to the "Rising Above the Blather" forum (found on the menu bar to your right) and add a new discussion. The title of the discussion should be the title of your book.


As we did before, writing groups will read and leave one thoughtful, open-ended question for each of their group members. I will do the same as I assess them over the weekend. Any remaining time is for revising the "Love" essay, which needs to be submitted by the end of the school day Monday. (This means you have time in class for any last-minute revisions or submissions.)


No class. Stop in if you have questions about the "Love" essay.

For Tuesday, we will follow the same submission protocol as we have previously. Please write a reflection on the essay in the body of the e-mail you send me, and then attach your essay to the e-mail. Prompts for the "Love" reflection are found below:

How did the essays we read in class influence your thinking on the concept?

What do you identify as your "thesis"? In other words, what is your operational definition of "love"?

What is the best sentence in your essay, and why?

What are the strengths of your essay?

What are the weaknesses of your essay?

If we had devoted more time to this concept, what would you have added to your essay?

Finally, please self-assess your essay according to the categories listed on the rubric.

Monday 21 December:

We will finish up the "Love" essays and bemoan that we aren't greeting the break as the end of our semester. Make sure your final drafts and reflection are shared by class time tomorrow, as I hope to begin assessing these drafts right away.

Tuesday 22 December (shortened periods):

No class. Enjoy your holiday break. Note that the second part of your book two book response is due on January 7.  We will see you again on January 4.

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