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Week Five Syllabus Update

Writer’s block is mostly trying to write perfectly on the first draft.

                                            Don Winslow

Week Five (9.28-10.2):


No class for students. Unfair.


Welcome to Station Eleven. We will use the TodaysMeet backchannel today during our in-class discussions. If you aren’t offering your thoughts verbally in class, you are expected to do so in writing there.

Station Eleven Backchannel

You should begin thinking about what aspect(s) of Station Eleven you want to focus on for your literary analysis. 

I am also creating a forum for that purpose, and you need to respond to it by the end of our regular class time on Wednesday.


Continue our discussion of Station Eleven. 

Make sure you have posted your literary analysis topic idea(s) in the forum found in Rising Above the Blather by the end of class time.


Citing sources. Death, taxes, MLA formatting. We learn by doing, so we will have a group citation "quiz" in class. It is important we learn the how and why of citation before relying on the various technological tools that make citing so much easier than it used to be. 

 Here are the in-class group citation quiz instructions:

Each group needs to create a correctly formatted works cited page with four sources.

Two of those sources need to come from Academic One File, and two need to come from web searches.

For the two from the web, you need to explain why you think this particular source is valid, and how you determined this.

Your group also needs to show how you would correctly refer to the source with an in-text citation. T

This is you and your Hacker guide and any web resources figuring this out together. When you feel you are done, show me your results and I will provide immediate feedback.

Your topic will be posted at the beginning of class time.

Given that our literary analysis requires no outside research, I think a) the quiz would be more helpful if taken before we draft our concept papers, and b) we may well need more time looking at Station Eleven and preparing for our literary analysis.


No class. Great day to come in and discuss your not-yet-written paper.

The first draft of your literary analysis is due 12 October.

Three page minimum. That does not mean three pages is the minimum for an A (though it's possible--remember that longer writing is not necessarily better writing).

Once we establish what your topic for literary analysis is, you need to go back through Station Eleven  and annotate specifically for evidence for that topic. Your annotated copy of the book will also be due on 10.12, and your annotations will be assessed as a second grade within the literary analysis category.

This means you need to do one of two things:

1)Purchase sticky notes to use for your annotating, or

2)Purchase your own copy of Station Eleven to use for your annotating. 

Below are models of literary analysis from previous students (these are about Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, which we will read in Comp II):

student literary analysis model one.docx

student literary analysis model two

student literary analysis model threel.docx

And below is the rubric we use for our papers. I am also attaching it in the About section of our Google Classroom.


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