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Week Fourteen Syllabus Update

When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him.

        Thomas Szasz

Week Fourteen (12.7-12.11):

We will be making a few changes to the semester syllabus. These are made as I recognize the reality of having sixty-six Comp students and what I am able to do, given what else I am also required to do for my other non-Comp students. I am not particularly happy about these changes, but I also realize that what I always said to my soccer teams holds true for myself this semester: control what you can.

The final book blog response dates are not changing. Response one to the first half of book two is still due on December 17, and the final response is still due on January 7. Thus I urge you to turn in your first books and have your second books approved posthaste.

The shared (shared as in we are all writing about the same concept; you are still writing your own paper) concept paper on love will be due on Tuesday, December 22. This paper should be two to four pages in length, and the only two required sources are the two essays we will have read in class. You certainly can add additional research, but you are not required to do so (more sources can help your paper's grade, but the lack of additional sources will in no way hurt your grade). You will share your first drafts with your group on December 14--these are meant to be quick first drafts, as we will have been reading about, talking about, and thinking about this concept for two weeks together in class before you write your draft. I WILL NOT be commenting on your first drafts--we are working on a gradual release of responsibility here.

You will have no additional outside of class work over the weekend or next week; this is the time you should be reading for the book response and starting your rough drafts. 

After break, we will have a mini-unit introducing (or re-introducing, depending on which classes you have taken) the elements of rhetoric: logos, ethos, and pathos. We will use them to analyze commercials, both for products and for politicians (who are mostly now, let's be honest, products themselves). We will use rhetoric extensively in Comp II.

Your final assignment will no longer be a portfolio. This bothers me, but I see no choice. When I began as a Comp instructor, DMACC required an end-of-course portfolio as a way to show your progression as a writer over the semester. Even after DMACC no longer required the portfolio, we continued to utilize it. But now that DMACC requires an analysis paper instead, doing both in the same semester has become too much, both for students and for instructors who fear this year may break them. As DMACC has no required paper for Comp II, I will be moving the portfolio to an end-of-term Comp II project. This will also help those students who switch instructors in Comp II.

In place of the portfolio will be the required DMACC analysis of two to four pages. Per DMACC rules, these will be your analysis and your analysis only. This analysis paper will be over the commercial or political advertisement of your choice (it just can't be one of the models we will use to analyze together in class). This final paper will be due on Friday, January 15.


We will begin reading our second love concept model in class. Your group will read together, coming up with a strategy of how many paragraphs to read before stopping to discuss and analyze. This process will continue on Tuesday.


We will continue with our second love concept model in class, discussing as a large group when all are done.


No class. You should be starting your love concept paper. You are required to use both the Ansari essay and Livatino essay as sources. Otherwise, your concept paper should show your thinking on the concept. Two to four pages, draft due Monday.


Time in class to work on love draft and ask questions. 


No class. Continue to work on your love draft, which you need to share with me and your writing group by class time on Monday, December 14th. Remember also that your first book response is due on Thursday, December 17.

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