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Week Nine Syllabus Update

To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.

       Georg Christoph Lichtenber

Week Nine (10.26-10.30):


Introduction to the concept of concepts, as we begin preparation to compose our first fully researched paper, the concept paper (metamessy, I know). Be thinking of concept paper topic choices—I want you to have a topic chosen and approved by the end of class time on Friday. I will create a forum on the Rising Above the Blather page for this purpose.

We will use the document below to aid our exploration of concepts:


I will give you our first two professional (published) concept paper models to read and annotate. Please annotate the first and last two pages of the anxiety model; for Thursday, please read and annotate the first two pages and the final page of the ambivalence model. (But, yes, you need to read both entirely.)



We will discuss the anxiety concept model.  We will focus on that in our discussion because it is an excellent model of how to approach a concept from multiple perspectives. I will check your annotations during class. During class our writing groups will look at the different ways the author approaches the concept, building a scratch outline to aid in this.

As we progress toward our own concept topic choices, I recommend you use this graphic organizer to help you think about that concept.



No class. Remember to respond to the concept topic forum found in Rising Above the Blather (found on the menu bar to the right). And remember the ambivalence annotating due Thursday.


We will discuss and analyze the ambivalence model, similar to what we did Tuesday with the anxiety model.

With any time remaining, we will look at student models of concept papers, linked below:






No class. Make sure to have your concept topic idea posted to the forum. Feel free to come in and discuss your ideas. And be sure to bring your Hacker Guide on Monday, as we will be having our group citation "quiz" on Monday. (You can't really study for it; it's a "quiz" masquerading as a lesson on citations.)

For Halloween, I have the scariest costume of all: I will be dressing as a Comp teacher.

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