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Week Six Syllabus Update

“You are not teaching reading and writing, you are teaching PEOPLE who read and write.”

                           Peter Johnston

Week Six (10.5-10.9):


Time to work on annotating Station Eleven and drafting your literary analysis.

Remember, you are annotating only those specific passages that pertain to your literary analysis topic. Depending on the topic, some will have more to annotate than others. I understand that.


We will play "May I see your thesis please?" 

In other words, you need to have a preliminary thesis for your literary analysis ready for feedback.

As I meet with individual students, the rest of us should be annotating and drafting.

Your thesis needs to be 1) Clear, 2) Limited, and 3) Arguable. 


Shortened day. No class. Great day to stop in if you have questions about your paper or your annotating.


Final class day to annotate and draft. 


No class. Great day to stop in if you have questions about your paper or your annotating.

The first draft of your literary analysis is due Monday, October 12.

Please share your drafts with me and your group members directly through Google Documents--do not submit through Google Classroom.

I will also collect your copies of Station Eleven in order to assess your annotations that Monday. You will be asked to complete a self-assessment in class Monday as part of that.

Drafts need to be shared with both of your group members and me by class time on Monday.

Student literary analysis models were posted in last week's syllabus update and are also available in the About section of our Google Classroom.

Your minimum length for the literary analysis is three pages. That's the minimum to be considered, not the minimum for an A. And, yes, you need a works cited, though it will only contain one source.

Also, remember what we talked about: Simply repeating discussions we had in class is not enough for a college literary analysis.

If your literary analysis topic is something we discussed in class or on our backchannel, the expectation is that your analysis will extend BEYOND what was said in class or online.

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