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Week Thirteen Syllabus Update

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of.

Week Thirteen (11.30-12.4):

Final draft of the concept paper is due on Friday, December 4; below are the prompts for the reflection for the concept paper:


N.B.  Although this guide presents reflection prompts in bulleted form, your written reflection should be in complete paragraphs on separate paper. 

Questions to consider as you reflect on the process and the product:

  • What are the strengths of your essay?
  • What are the weaknesses? 
  • Consider the purpose of the essay: to explain/define a concept by approaching the topic from multiple angles. How well did you meet this objective, and what are the perspectives you used to frame your concept?
  • How well does each paragraph do in adding to your reader’s understanding of the concept itself?
  • Reflect upon your research: What was your strategy? Where did you look? What sources did you consider but ultimately not use?
  • We talked about the difficulty of closing a concept paper. What was your closing strategy?
  • What would you do differently if you were assigned this piece again?
  • How helpful to your writing were comments from your peers?
  • What was most difficult in the writing of the essay?
  • Considering the time allotted for this piece, to what degree does your final product represent your best effort as a writer?

When you have finished writing your reflection, please give yourself a letter grade for the final draft.  This self-assessment should come after you have reflected; the more thorough and honest your reflection, the more inclined I am to take your self- assessment seriously.

The second book blog response for book one needs to be posted by the end of the day on Wednesday, December 2 (we will not meet physically that day).

NOTE: I am offering a tidbit of extra credit for anyone who takes a creative "shelfie" with their book and shares it with me either via Twitter or via e-mail. Examples of shelfies can be found by clicking on the "Shelfies" tab on the menu bar to the right.

Be sure to post your second response in the SAME discussion as you posted your first response. DO NOT create a new discussion for the second half of the book.


We started the semester thinking about the concept of "college" (we didn't yet frame it as such, but if you think back to those first heady weeks, that's what we were doing). Now, with our eyes more on the end of the semester than the beginning, we think about another life concept: love. We will begin by analyzing Aziz Ansari's essay on the topic. My goal is to finish all or most of it in class; what we do not finish you need to finish on your own so your group can finish its in-class work tomorrow. With the snow day, and your book response due tomorrow, you do not need to finish Ansari's essay on your own. We will finish in class on Thursday (or maybe Wednesday, if you are in seventh period).

Wednesday (shortened classes):

No class. Seventh period will have the option of making up our snow day today, as they have a full period on our shortened schedule. Make sure you have posted the second response to your first book in the same discussion you created for the first response.


We will begin by quickly self-assessing our second book response.

Writing groups will construct (literally, as we will be using butcher paper to show our work) a scratch outline/analysis of Ansari's essay. Groups must also include their one-sentence answer to Monday's "What is Love?" question on their poster/presentation AND a fresh visual representation of the concept itself. A group name is also a requirement. We will present these in class on Friday.


We will have class fourth, fifth, and possibly seventh periods today. Hope you used your snow day wisely.

Groups will have a few minutes to finalize their presentation of their Love analysis. If any time remains after presentations are completed, we will begin reading our second essay on the concept of love. We will pick up on Monday where we leave off today.

The final draft of your concept paper must be submitted by the end of the school day. Same submission protocol as last time:

Save your draft as either .doc, .docx, or .rtf. (As too many of you learned last time, .gdoc is NOT a viable option.) Attach that draft to an e-mail sent to me. Write your reflection and self assessment (prompts are found above) directly into the body of the e-mail.

Also: You should be turning in your first book and choosing your second (look to the list you created during our book pass). This can be done Wednesday if you are ready, or it can be done today. It will NOT be done Thursday during class time.

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