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Week Twelve Holiday Remix Syllabus Update

Everywhere in enormous numbers turkeys will be dying

and other birds, all their wings.

They never greatly flew. Did they wish to?

I should know. Off away somewhere once I knew

such things.

John Berryman Dream Song 385

Week Twelve Remix (11.23-11:24):

I continue to work on responding to concept drafts. If you want a guaranteed response, you need to contact me by early Sunday so I can plan my response time. With the snow moving the final day of speech auditions to Monday, my out-of-school time that day is again limited. Most class times for Monday are already booked, but Tuesday spots are available. I am also available before school on Tuesday.

The final draft of the concept paper is due on Friday, December 4. Same submission process as the last time. We will be moving on in class after the Thanksgiving break, and my speech about honoring the break holds true for instructors as well: I'm not responding to drafts during break (specific questions, yes, but not drafts). 

For those of you who may wish to work ahead, below are the prompts for the reflection for the concept paper:


N.B.  Although this guide presents reflection prompts in bulleted form, your written reflection should be in complete paragraphs on separate paper. 

Questions to consider as you reflect on the process and the product:

  • What are the strengths of your essay?
  • What are the weaknesses? 
  • Consider the purpose of the essay: to explain/define a concept by approaching the topic from multiple angles. How well did you meet this objective, and what are the perspectives you used to frame your concept?
  • How well does each paragraph do in adding to your reader’s understanding of the concept itself?
  • Reflect upon your research: What was your strategy? Where did you look? What sources did you consider but ultimately not use?
  • We talked about the difficulty of closing a concept paper. What was your closing strategy?
  • What would you do differently if you were assigned this piece again?
  • How helpful to your writing were comments from your peers?
  • What was most difficult in the writing of the essay?
  • Considering the time allotted for this piece, to what degree does your final product represent your best effort as a writer?

 When you have finished writing your reflection, please give yourself a letter grade for the final draft.  This self-assessment should come afte you have reflected; the more thorough and honest your reflection, the more inclined I am to take your self- assessment seriously.

Over the weekend, I will assess and respond with a question to each book blog response. (I had hoped to start on this during the week, but such is my life with my current student load. Yes, that's what you are: a load.) The second response needs to be posted by the end of the day on Wednesday, December 2 (we will not meet physically that day).

Be sure to post your second response in the SAME discussion as you posted your first response. DO NOT create a new discussion for the second half of the book.


Remember when it snowed and we got out early? Good times. Continue to revise concept drafts; those of you who are ahead of the game would do well to work on your second book blog post (or on doing the reading to allow you to reach that point).


Final day to conference over your concept paper draft. We will be moving on in class beginning on Monday, November 30. Enjoy your break--we all deserve one.

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