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Week Twelve Syllabus Update

I don't read self-help books--unless you count every book I've read.

                  Donalyn Brooks


Week Thirteen (11.16-11.20):


If you share your draft of your book response with me by Sunday at 3:00 p.m, I will make every effort to give you some quick response. Look to the rubric, student models, and my annotated model, all found in the About section of our Google Classroom.



Make sure your book response is posted by class time today. Please post your book blog response as a new discussion in the Rising Above the Blather forum. The title of your book should be the title of your new post. I understand that some formatting (like italics) may drop when you paste in your response.


In class, we will read and respond to the book posts of our writing group members with one open-ended, thoughtful question. I will model this question-asking in class with one of your posts. The book blog post over the second half of your book is due on 12.2. If you wish to respond to the questions before that (depending on what the question asks), you can. Or you can embed the responses to the questions of your group (and me) in the second post.


Any time remaining is for revising concept paper drafts.


When you feel you have completed your revisions, do the following:


1)Resolve all comments left by your group (I've already read them)


2)Leave me comments about your own draft--what do you want specific feedback on? (This should not simply be mechanical/convention issues, either) AND tell me what level of response you want from me:


a)Bless--I will tell you what is working in your current draft, or

b)Assess--I will let you know where this draft stands on our rubric, or

c)Press--I will do a line edit and comment thoroughly (not for the faint of heart)


3)Send me an e-mail telling me you are ready for me to give your draft a read. If you would rather conference over your paper in person, let me know that as well and we will set up a time to do this.


I respond to drafts in the order I receive notification. 


I have speech auditions before and after school this week, which means less time outside of class to conference; due to this, I am moving the final due date of the concept paper to 12.4. However, we will be moving on in class beginning on 11.30.



 Revision and concept paper conferences.


Wednesday (shortened classes):

 No class. I can meet with one student during first period, one during fourth period, one during fifth period, and two during seventh period (as that is the longer lunch period on this shortened day).



Revision and concept paper conferences.



No class. I can meet with two students per period during first period, fourth period, fifth period, and seventh period.


Monday and Tuesday of next week (the only two days we have school) are the final days for revision and conferencing. 

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