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Lone Survivor

“But like all SEAL operational teams, we believed we were better than everyone else, so the goddamned Taliban had better watch it.” (73)

Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson is about Marcus Luttrell’s experience in Afghanistan at war. It is very touchy and makes you realize how much veterans actually do for us and our freedom. Luttrell was part of the Navy SEALS team. His partners are Mikey, Axe, and Danny. They are going there because of 9/11. They want to get their revenge and capture the leader. They want to find the leader, Ahmad Shah, the one that was in charge of 9/11 and killing over twenty United States Marines. The 4 men were sent to capture Ahmad. They will do anything they have to, to find him. If they think they think they found where he is, they will go into the house and search every where. If it isn’t the right house, many of the people that were in there will give Luttrell and his partners all the information they know, including where they are hiding the bombs and hostages, if they give them money.

“Until you’ve encountered one of these guys, you don’t understand the meaning of the word hate.” Says Luttrell. That really made me think about how different the word hate is to us. We don’t like someone because they are rude to us or someone we love. But their hate is because of someone that killed so many people in the United States. Someone that killed United States Marines. I couldn't ever imagine being a soldier and coming face to face with someone that did such a horrible thing to the United States. 

Luttrell tells us how they set up camps and wonder through the mountains trying to avoid the Taliban’s finding them. But that failed. They 4 men had killed many Taliban members but they found out they were way over numbered. “I am not a political person, and as a navy seal I am sworn to defend my country and carry out the wishes of my commander in chief, the president of the United States, whoever he may be, Republican or Democrat.” said Luttrell. They couldn’t give up. They had to keep going until they won or they died. All four of the men received severe injuries and trying to get away, they jumped off the edge of a cliff. Even after that they were still running through the woods. This really makes you realize how hard they work and all the pain the veterans go through. It takes a very determined person to be able to go fight like that.

Your group is your family. They do everything they can to protect each other. Including carrying each other while trying to get away from their enemies when they are shot in the shoulder. Not leaving anyone behind no matter how bad of condition they are in. Helping cover each other up with leaves to try to blend in with the ground or trees while they are trying to sleep. Going to find water for your partner because they can’t walk, when you barely can either. Luttrell shows us what compassion is really about.
I've never realized how crazy war really is until I started reading this book. This book isn't about a really big war, it's about 4 men against thousands of men all trying to kill each other. Going to war would be something CRAZY that I don't think I could ever do. Knowing that the other team is doing everything they can to kill us, like we are them. Having bombs set up all around you and not knowing where they are. 

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  • “Very slowly, with immense dignity, the lifted the coffins high, and then carried the bodies of Mikey and Danny the fifty yards to the ramp of the aircraft.” (363)

    Marcus was the only survivor. That would be so hard having to go to the funeral for your closest buddies. Ones that did everything for each other trying to help each other survive. Marcus Luttrell, the author of the book, blamed himself for not being able to save his three partners. But there was nothing that he could have done to prevent what happened.

    Luttrell tells us about how their troubles when they came face to face with their enemies. They were way outnumbered but still fought as hard as they could and tried getting away safely. They were all shot multiple times but they still kept going. The body can only handle so much though. Danny, Mikey, and Matthew had been killed and now Marcus was on his own. Marcus was blown off the cliff of a mountain but still survived, barely. He was still strong enough to keep running from the enemies. I think it is crazy how much they go through and never ever give up. They keep going through all the pain and the struggle.

    “There is no end to the lengths these people will go to to win this war.” (324) The base had heard about what was going on and sent a MH-47 helicopter to go rescue him. Once the Taliban’s saw the helicopter they shot a bomb into the helicopter killing every that was on board. I would think that since they are going to get the guy that is trying to kill their people, they would let them bring him back home. I don’t think this war would have ever happened if 9/11 never happened. Or maybe something else could’ve happened that caused a different war.

    I believe that they were fighting for the country. Maybe revenge because of 9/11. In the book it had mentioned that they are going to get back at them for what they did to our country and our people. They do so many things that put themselves in danger to try to find the leader. If them fighting for their survival was their number one goal then they would have risked their lives so many times.

    Luttrell tells us how he finally got some luck. There were a few Afghan’s that were good people. They didn’t like Taliban and were on his side. They took him in as family and they helped him. They got him bandaged up and let him stay there. They didn’t speak much english so Luttrell had a hard time communicating with them. The most important thing he had to tell them was that he was a diabetic and he needed water all the time and he finally got that through to them. They gave him everything he needed. They will literally do anything to keep him safe, and that they did. They risked everything to keep Luttrell safe.

    Luttrell really shows a lot heroism and the struggle that the veterans have to go through. He shows how much you have to like the people that are in your group and how much you are fighting to save them and save your own life. I think if there were four different men that were put together I think the story would have been a little different. I don’t know if other people would fight together like the four men in Lone Survivor did. “I lived with him, trained with him, fought with him, laughed with him, and damn near died with him.” (364) I don’t think it would be very easy to find souldiers that are as close as those four were. I think how hard Danny, Mikey, Matthew, and Marcus worked together was amazing and something you don’t see very much.
  • Who or what would you say soldiers like Luttrell are most fighting for? Their sense of patriotism? Their country? Their fellow soldiers? Their own survival? Please explain your thoughts after you've finished the book.
  • What if there were four different SEALS, would the outcome be different?
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