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Please post your final draft of the "America" poem here. Make sure that the formatting is exactly the way you want it--check again after you post to make sure nothing has moved.

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  • America The Beautiful

    I hear the sounds of horns and vehicles
    As everyone drives to work.

    Not everybody is excited for a day of work
    But everyone deals with it
    This is America.

    Everybody accepts this
    And by the end of the day
    Everybody is content.

    They know they live in a great country
    A free country
    An equal country.

    You can feel the patriotism in every being,
    It’s a great thing,
    And I’m proud to say I’m an American.
  • I Too Hear The Song
    Blake Toms

    I hear America’s voice, the diverse chorus of injustice,
    That of the mechanic, whose face stains with oil, and whose song sings of a sorrowful tone,

    The carpenter, whose song is bound by rules and regulations,
    The construction worker, singing of long unforgiving hours and a back thats seen the stresses of manual labor,

    The marine, whose family sings a song for their return,
    The fisherman, who fights the waves of anguish, whose tone is a rugged one,

    The factory worker, the resonance of their voices crying of change,
    The worker of retail, whose feet sing songs of distress and ache for relief,

    The farmer whose song starts at dawn, and whose days are constant, and whose nights are restless,

    The single mother, whose song sings of welfare and worry,

    I too hear the songs, songs that hope for a better tomorrow and whose singing is vastly ignored,
    So we shall sing louder, we will be heard, we will sing the song of change, and for a better future for all,
    Our songs need to be heard.
  • I hear America dreaming, the diverse thoughts I hear,
    those of tech-knows, each dreaming his new devices,
    the dancer dreaming about her breathtaking number,
    the teacher dreaming his future lessons,
    the farmer dreaming what he loves, the farmhand dreaming of crops and livestock,
    the chef dreaming her upcoming restaurant,
    the actuary dreaming of various calculations,
    the librarian dreaming books on books on books,
    the nurse dreaming for a cure,
    the teenager dreaming freedom.
    Each dreaming what should or one day could be theirs.
    Dreaming with open minds and full hearts.
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