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    • Confession was a way to avoid being put to death.
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    • I like how you pointed out how it's being kind and caring that makes you a good person, rather than religion. I also like how you stood up for your beliefs and how you actually stated how you didn't agree with the things that were being said in church. I myself do not go to church all that often either, it does not necessarily mean that I don't believe in god. Many bad people have have hidden behind the walls of religion in order to justify their actions. Hitler for example was a Catholic, and we all know about what he has done. He tried to justify his actions with his religion. Why do people try to use religion in order to justify the bad things that they do?
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    • Strong reasoning and you always explained yourself. You did contradict yourself a lot though. Overall very good reasoning and it was easy to understand. I would have to agree with you. I would lie to help a friend or family member, but only under the right circumstances. There are times where I don't think it would be right. There are also times where I would think it's completely okay to lie. Lying is a very complicated and "bad" thing, but I do believe sometimes it's just better if you lie. Solid text with good word usage and very good explanation. How do you know when it's the right and wrong time to lie?
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    • Solid response with a lot of passion and emotion. Explained things very well and put in a good amount of opinion. I agree with you on that just because a person is religious doesn't mean they are a good person. How good a person is, is based off their actions. Actions speak louder than words. Someone can say they are religious and their religion only wants them to do good things. Well how are we supposed to believe that unless they show us that they are a good person. Exactly you can't know. Only what a person does can tell if they are a good person or not. I do believe religion can help steer a person to do good things but overall it comes down to who that person is and what they want to do. Solid response and I have very similar opinion to you. How do you tell if a person is good or bad?
    • I like how you put passion and examples into your response. I agree with your aspect of a 'good person.' To me, a good person is someone who helps anyone and everyone out, does the right thing rather than something to benefit themselves, and someone who always sees the good in every situation. Examples of good people to me would have to be Ms. Brown and Señora Lee. I don't know about either one of their religious backgrounds, but regardless of their religion, they are amazing human beings. I believe you made the greatest point yet, when saying that morals is what makes a person good, not religion. What do you think of those people who are very religious, yet are horrible people?
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    • Please don't respond in one chunk of text--paragraphs exist for readers. Value them.
    • I love how you tied Miley Cyrus into this topic. When I think of religion, Miley Cyrus is definitely not the first person to come to mind. I strongly agree with you saying Miley Cyrus was very right when stating this. I agree with you when you say, 'A person can be one of the most religious people that you've ever met and still be one of the worst people you've ever met.' Various people who take religion to the extremes are probably the most judgmental people out there. Living in Carroll, the predominant religion is of the Catholic faith, so you either believe or you don't. There is no in-between. If you believe, you're going to get judged. If you don't believe, you're going to be judged even more. I also agree with the statement, "A lot of people think that people who are 'religious' do bad things then go to church to ask for forgiveness and unfortunately sometimes that is true." I honestly think many people who are religious do bad things, but think it is all right because they do believe in a higher power. Many religious people are helpful and kind-hearted, but there may be another side to that. Do you think someone could be an atheist and still a good person? Why or why not?
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  • 'I would lie to protect my family or friends.' I strongly agree with this statement. I say this because your family will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances are, so you should be there for them as well. As for friends, you have to find the right ones before you should/can actually lie for. When I say 'lie', I mean little white lies, you shouldn't lie about your friends/family murdering someone or doing something unlawful.

    As many of you may know, my mom is basically my best friend and we don't get along with my dad all that well. Whenever I don't want to talk to or go see my dad, she lies and tells him i'm busy. This is protection to me because for the most part, I don't like seeing my dad. Lying, in this sense, is a great thing because it benefits my mom and I.

    When I was younger, I used to hangout with Micaela Bretey constantly. She was always the 'pretty' friend and all the guys always wanted to talk to her. One time, there was a weird guy that wouldn't leave her alone, so he started to text me asking where she was and what she was doing. I began lying for her, saying her phone was turned off or she was sleeping.

    From these examples, you can see there isn't too much lying going on in my life. I probably wouldn't be telling huge lies for my family because it's wrong, but more so because I cannot lie to save my life.
    • My answer is still the same.
      John Proctor had admitted to the courts that he had committed adultery with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth Proctor was summoned to the courtroom to basically tell on her husband, or so she thought. When Elizabeth was asked why she had gotten rid of Abby as her helper, she simply said 'she dissatisfied me' rather than telling all her husbands secrets. In the end, Elizabeth hadn't told on her husband because she thought his life would end then.

      When Reverend Parris found the girls running naked in the woods, he refused to tell anyone what he saw. He didn't tell anyone, so the courts never found out what was really happening in the woods. I see it as him lying to protect his family and himself, which is a little bit self-centered.

      Another thing I would add to my response would be lying to save yourself. I would lie to save my own life. I wouldn't have lied about seeing the girls because then he could have saved all the rest of the people's lives, but I would have lied in John Proctor's case before he got hanged for not being a witch. If he had told the courts what he saw in the woods that day, then 19 hangings wouldn't have been performed. If John Proctor had lied and said he was a witch, his name would have taken a hard hit, but he would have stayed alive.
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