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Please respond to the essential question you have chosen for your IIP. How do you answer it now, before you have started to delve deeply into your texts? You do not need to respond to classmates' outside of class time--we will have time to do that in class on Monday.

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  • What drives human behavior?
    I believe it depends on the situation that drives human behavior. If you have a situation where your best friends commits suicide, you're obviously going to be heartbroken. With that situation, are you going to do something along the lines of what your best friend did or are you going to become a better person and live for the both of you? If your family is having money problems, are you going to sell all your collectibles or rob a bank? Human behavior is driven by your mental stability and the situation. If you're not in the right state of mind, you may make a dumber decision-- like robbing a bank or committing suicide.
    I am watching Breaking Bad for my media part of the IIP project. So far in Breaking Bad, Walter White gets diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He has a pregnant wife and a child with a disability, so of course his teacher's salary isn't making ends meet. When he goes on a drug bust with his brother in-law, he sees a former student of his fleeing the scene. Later on, White contacts the former student to help him out with his next adventure. White wants to start selling methamphetamine to make much more money for his family.
    So, what drives human behavior? I believe your mental stability, the situation, and your well-being all drive human behavior. Another thing that drives human behavior is the sense of winning, or belonging. If you are winning or you belong to some group, more than likely you are going to start behaving different than you originally had. There are a lot of factors with behavior, but i think the situation is the biggest drive on human behavior.
    • I was asked by my group members if there was a reason why I chose this question. To be honest, I chose this question because I have been surrounded by friends who make dumb decisions and I have always been considered the "mom" of my friend group. I have always wondered what goes through my friends minds when they make these decisions. For example, I am friends with Micaela Bretey and all of you probably know that she got into a car accident a few months back. I have constantly wondered why she got in the car that night.
      Human behavior has always been an interest to me. Why do people do this horrible thing, when they could be doing that great thing? Behavior is a huge thing in society and you're whole life is based off of how you behave towards any type of situation.

      What kind of things could drive human behavior?
      Anything could drive behavior. It doesn't matter if it was a small or large event, it could push you over the edge. Like I said in my first post, suicide or money issues may push you to do stupid things. Many things can drive human behavior, but it mostly is based on your attitude towards things in the first place.
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      • I'm amused that "super rich" is part of your definition of "a happy medium."
  • How do we define success?
    I define success by accomplishing your self set goals. At a young age and as you grow older you set goals for yourself. You have small goals like you wanna work out and get that perfect body and then you got big goals. Which are you want a certain job, you want a certain house, or you want a certain lifestyle. I consider big goals basically life goals. That's how I measure success. If you can say you have completed most of your goals then your succeeding in life. Now sure everyone has goals which are not the most realistic but you don't have to count those. The reason I base it off of goals instead of something like money, or the things you have, or the amount of friends you have. Because everybody wants something different. But something that everybody wants is their self set goals. Not everyone wants the same thing which is why everybody has different goals. So that's why I base it off of something that everybody can do.
    • I was asked to connect more my question with the books I'm reading and the movie I'm watching. I'm reading I Hunt Killers and for instance in this book the main characters dead was a serial killer. His dad measured his success off of killing people and keeping trophies. This is a weird example but in this case his goals were to kill people. He was achieving these goals therefore he was happy and he thought he was successful. Now most people don't have those same goals. Which proves my point of why I don't base success off of money or some object. Not everyone wants money. All people are different and want different things. Therefore everyone is going to measure success differently. Which is why I think it should be based off of goals and whether you achieve them. Everyone has goals, they can just be different. As long as they are achieving those goals they are being successful in life. I hope now that I connected it to my reading, everyone can understand it better.

      The second question was what if other people have different ways of measuring success? I reply with that's fine this is just my opinion. Maybe after reading all my books and watching the movies I will have a different opinion on how to measure success. But right now my opinion seems like the most logical to me.
  • Why do emotions affect our decisions? Emotions are different from everyone. Some are able to express emotions with ease, while others, it's harder for them to establish emotional connections. Our emotions are directly responsible for making decisions, the question is why though? Our emotions form over years, constantly changing and being manipulated for form the person we are today. Emotions create our morals and personalities and are the factors in how we make our decisions. Emotions allow us to feel certain ways or allow us to judge based on what we feel is right. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but other times it can be a very bad thing. Emotions can be dangerous. They can drive people do many things. Like for example, in the book The Crucible, Abigail allowed emotions to control her decisions and thoughts, thus resulting in her accusing Elizabeth for being a witch. The emotions she felt for John had drove her into making the decision to convict Elizabeth.
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