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  • Death should be feared. I don't believe this is true in Hamlet. In Hamlet, I don't think too many people fear death. I think the fear when and how they will die, just like an ordinary person. They fear how they will die because there is many ways to get killed, like being poisoned or stabbed. They worry about who will kill them because many of them seem to be total nut jobs, or what natural cause will take them. For example, when Hamlet killed Polonius. Polonius was spying on Hamlet for Claudius and he knew Hamlet was crazy, so I think he could have been expecting it.

    Death is definitely not feared when it comes to Hamlet's mom, Gertrude. Gertrude knows there is poison in the glass when she drinks from it, so she obviously knows she's going to die. Also, Laertes and Claudius have the same outlook. Laertes is dueling Hamlet, but is trying to kill Hamlet with the poison dipped sword. Hamlet ends up getting the swords switched, so Laertes knows he is going to die. Claudius is forced by Hamlet to drink the rest of the poison, so he knows his time is coming really quick. Death in Hamlet happens so quickly, but they all realize it is coming. Death happens so fast in this play and they just embrace it before their time actually comes.

    It is better to act quickly than to be indecisive. This is a so-so in Hamlet. Some acts they act too quickly and some acts they act quickly, but a good quickly. Hamlet acted too quickly when he killed Polonius, but acted too slowly when he killed Claudius. In Hamlet, thinking quickly is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because when it is over with, it is done – nothing is said about it. Curse because you may feel remorse, or you may not.

    I see acting quickly as a blessing when Hamlet decides to kill Claudius. When he does so, he kind of just lets his mind take over his body and tell Claudius to drink the poison while threatening him with a sword. I see acting quickly as a curse when Hamlet's mother, Gertrude, drinks the poison after she already knows it is poison. It was really stupid on her part because she lost her throne and to me, looks stupid because she had absolutely no reason to die.
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    • I agree with you 100% on both Brett. You also brought up very valid points for the counter argument and you explained it and fought it very well. I agree that people didn't choose to be here but it's just not right for you to take your own life. Everyone has a purpose and life will always get better if you truly hit rock bottom. Also there are definitely certain times when lying is the better thing to do. For instance if lying is gonna keep someone from breaking down and they don't need to know then lying is the best option. My question for you is how do you decide when it is the right time to lie?
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    • Delaney – I like how you said that teenagers compromise their beliefs. I am somewhat one of those teenagers. I try to stay true to myself, but society kind of just creeps up and bites you in the butt. I agree when you say 'I have many friends that have compromised their beliefs because of the pressure put on by other people to drink, have sex, and some even to try drugs.' There are quite a few people in our grade that you wouldn't expect doing those things. I have stopped being friends with some because they make horrible decisions. Do you think people are 100% true to themselves or are they somewhat pressured by society? Why or why not?
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    • I agree with your statement that difficult situations don't just disappear, they take time and effort in order to make them fade or go away. My biggest fear is always making the wrong decision.
      I like how you highlighted the fact that suicide doesn't just hurt the one committing it but also hurts the people close to them. I also liked how you made the connection to your life so that your statement would be more personal.
      Do you think you could justify why people commit suicide?
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    • Nathan – I like how you said 'you are losing the greatest years of your life.' That is very true, but you should be proud enough of how you lived to be able to pass when you do. I am also don't like to deal with death. It's a really scary thought to lose someone forever. Like Brett said, we constantly think about how or when we are going to die- but we don't want to. If you did know when you were going to die, would you live your life to the fullest or would you be constantly worrying? Why or why not?
    • That's society's problem these days. Why do you fear death? There is nothing to fear, we don't know what's gonna happen. Also why fear something you can't control. There's no point in it. All your doing is causing yourself more stress, and holding yourself back worrying about death. I will say you had good details and word usage. I agree with you that no one should take their life. I have not had a lot of personal experiences with suicide, but I believe it's a horrible thing. I never want to deal with that. I believe life will always get better. My question to you goes back to what I asked earlier. Why do you fear death so much?
  • Death should be feared. I disagreed with this statement because death is an inevitable thing. It happens to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, black or white, you are going to die. I think the thing feared with death is the how and when. How are you going to die? It could be anywhere from murder to dying in your sleep. I believe everyone fears how they will pass because they don't want it to be some outrageous horrific passing. Everyone just wants it to be nice and peaceful. The when factor is scary. You don't know if you are going to die tomorrow, next week, or 25 years from now. No one knows when their last day will be, so they are constantly worrying about when it will come. If you knew when your last day was you would more than likely be trying to live life to the fullest or making sure your family is taken care of after you're gone. I don't fear death, but I do fear how and when I am going to die. I definitely am not alone in my mindset.

    John Proctor knew he was going to die because nobody believed him. He wasn't scared of dying for his own sake, but for his family's. When John Proctor confessed to being a witch, he realized how much witchcraft would terrorize his family's name. John Proctor took back his confession and ended up dying, but he knew his family wouldn't be affected in the future because their name wouldn't be tarnished. When he died, he wasn't suffering from the guilt that was put upon his name. After he was gone, he was probably in heaven for confessing his sins. His family knew he was in a better place, so they weren't worried about his well-being. He died for his family which was probably a good reason to die back in the day. Proctor didn't fear death, but he feared his family's lives after.

    It is better to act quickly than to be indecisive. I disagreed with this statement because if you act quickly then you have no time to view the consequences. If you are indecisive, you at least have some time to view the outcomes of each option in the situation. For example, when I take my Honors PreCalc test on Thursday I am probably going to get a better grade if I don't sit there second guessing myself. If I acted quickly on whether or not I wanted to speed down Grant Road, then I wouldn't look at my options too clearly. With my luck, I would get pulled over right in front of the Rec Center if I were speeding, but I should have looked at that outcome if I didn't want to get pulled over.

    In The Birthmark, Alymer wanted to act quickly to get Georgiana's birthmark removed to make her more beautiful. Georgiana is a little hesitant at first, but then decides her husband knows what is right for her. Aylmer acted too quickly, so he ended up losing his beautiful wife. If Aylmer had contemplated his decision, he would have realized he had the best the Earth could offer.
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      • I don't think I would be as scared if it were a peaceful place where my death took place. If it were in an awful place, then I would probably try my best to avoid the place rather than just letting fate play out.
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      • No, I think everyone fears death – just in different perspectives. I fear how I am going to die, not when or where.
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      • I think people fear things they don't understand because they are worried of what will happen, or what the outcome will be. Your second question is a great question to ask our entire student body. I believe if you don't get consequences, you never actually learn a lesson. There is many people in this school who don't get consequences and still go out and make the same dumb mistake they did previously. Yes, if you don't get consequences, I honestly don't think you learned anything.
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