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Pilgrimage project reflection

A famous philosopher once said that what Jan says about Jill tells us more about Jan than it does about Jill. (Think about this for a minute.)

1. Consider what you chose as types. What do these choices say about you? About how you view CHS? About how you view Iowa? About how you view America?

Do your choices say more about you or more about the world(s) you live in? (This connects really well to the "perception vs. reality" theme we discussed in Hamlet

2. Many (most?) of your types were actually stereotypes. Looked at from the outside, what "type" or "types" might others stereotype you as?

3. What types did we see most repeatedly in the presentations? Why?

4. Which types would we see in most high schools and states? Were there any you think are unique to CHS or Iowa? Explain.

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  • I think what these choices say about me is that I think there are a variety of people in the world. I wasn't trying to judge any of the types by any means because I will talk to anyone and everyone given the opportunity. I think having different types of people is awesome, it would be absolutely horrible if everyone was exactly the same. How I view CHS is shown when I talk about all the types of people without judging them. I don't judge anyone, unless I know them. How I view Iowa is shown through our ideas of how different people live their lives. I think some people have higher expectations for their lives, as some have lower expectations of theirs. How I feel about America is shown again with how differently people like to live their lives. Again, some have high expectations and some have low.
    My choices say more about me than the do the world around me because it is what I think of the world, not what the world is actually like.

    Some people might stereotype me as an "entitled kid" because of how I dress, but the truth is – I buy almost all of my own stuff. I would probably be stereotyped as an American Dreamer because of the things I want to do with my life.

    The most repeated one to me was partiers. I think we see a lot of 'partiers' in Carroll High School, so we think to stereotype them into their own group. Even if you are not a partier, but you hang out with that group of people – then people are going to be stereotyped as a partier.

    In most high schools, I think you would see partiers, jocks, entitled kids, and the education-oriented. In most states, I think you would see the middle/lower class, working class, college kids, and the hoodrats. The only thing really unique to Iowa is the whole farmer aspect on life. In Iowa, basically our whole population is affected by the agricultural feel of it. Agriculture affects every part of our life– Whether it be our food, work life, or neighborhood.
  • My choices say that I have a very fair view of others. I noticed a lot of other people were very stereotypical and judged a lot of groups. I was obviously stereotyping by categorizing people but not near as bad as others. So I think my choices say that I don't judge people and I don't really have a problem with anyone. In CHS my choices were based off of what I see everyday. In Iowa my choices were based off what I learn every time I interact with Carroll people. Then in America I again was very fair and tried to be as least stereotypical as possible. I think this shows that I am a very non biased person and I don't judge people until I meet them even if they do fall into a certain group.

    I think my choices show how I view the world. Which it could be completely be different for some one else. Therefore I believe it says more about me. I think people would stereotype me as a jock just because I play sports. Also I think they would stereotype me as a hick because I drive a truck.

    We saw hicks and jocks a lot. Because those are two are very common groups in high school and everywhere. No matter where you go you will always find those two type of people. Also it is very easy to spot those groups because they stand out, compared to other groups.

    I think the jocks would be very common. Because every school has their cocky athletes. I think every school has their nerds too because every school is gonna have a group of smart kids that get hated on for being dedicated to school. I think the hicks are more unique to CHS and Iowa because we are in more of a "country" state. We have more fields and less cities.
  • I actually have heard the same thing that matches what the philosopher had stated. When you judge someone and talk about someone, it says more about your personality than it does about the person who you are judging. This is because you judge based on how you were raised, what beliefs you uphold, your values, and your character. Anyone with a different set of beliefs, values, or character than you becomes strange to you and therefore you judge them. No other living thing does this quite like humans do.

    I don't like to think about what I'd be stereotyped as. It's better to me that it's kept from my knowledge, because then I'd obsessed over my stereotype and try to fix it. I try not to stereotype people, but as you can see, there are clear stereotypes that CHS has formed. Hicks, Jocks, Intelligent, and Artistic people are all major groups that have made their places in CHS. They are groups of people whom hang around each other and sort of create that stereotype themselves.

    Jock and Athletic people came up in pretty much every presentation. I think that this is because a majority of people like sports and like to watch games. Its not just regional entertainment, its global. Now we move over to the popularity aspect. Because of the players in sports spending so much time together, they form a bond. This bond creates a group of people, usually higher up in popularity. This creates jocks.
    I think that its a natural human reaction to create stereotypes. No really, it's natural. Our natural instinct to judge is because back when our lives depended on us making judgement to stay alive. If we saw a tiger and didn't have the ability to judge that the tiger was dangerous, then we'd most likely die. Now that we live in the modern century, we must struggle with using our natural instincts to stereotype and judge.

    I would like to see less stoners and potheads, more educational centered students, creative students, and athletic people. Unfortunately, people will choose what they want to do.
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