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Having read "The Devil and Tom Walker" (and viewed Homer's deal with the Devil), let's think about what Americans today sell their souls for.

At least three paragraphs, and at least three examples. 

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  • I think that the most ironic thing Americans sell their souls for is their freedom and safety. Just think about it. We spend billions upon billions of dollars for protection and armed forces. We have tons of security in our airports. True, we have laws that protect our freedom, but we also have laws that limit our freedoms. We got so consumed in protecting our freedoms that we've lost quite a bit. It's sad to think that a nation that prides itself in being free is actually outranked by several other countries in quality of freedom.

    Another thing I think most Americans would see their soul for is for their family. I personally would to keep all the members of my family safe, and I know many others whom would do the same. Family is of great importance in America. Many people would make the sacrifice of selling their souls in order to keep their families safe, even when knowing the costs. I think that's a good quality of Americans is that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the safety of others, which is kind of why soldiers fight for us and for our country so that we are all safe.

    Finally, I believe that Americans sell their souls for wealth. So many impoverish families would sell their souls for wealth so that their family would have a better life and not have to constantly struggle to stay afloat. America has seemed to set a mindset. As Americans, we are raised to go after wealth and make a good living in order to have a good life for ourselves and our families. We aren't taught as essentially taught how to be a good person or how to have good moral character, it's up to our parents how we are raised, society does not teach us as much as they should. We probably need classes on moral character and having empathy for people. Greed is what makes us sell ourselves. Because of greed, we hunger for things, we strive for more, some going as far as selling their souls.
  • Americans today would sell their soul for three things: fortune, love, and fame.

    Fortune, in my mind, goes along with money and luck. Money is, and always will be, a huge thing for America. If you have money in America, you more than likely will be popular. Money is a key to living in America. Prices are going to keep rising for the rest of time unless we have some miracle on Earth, so everyone is going to become more and more greedy. Luck is a fantastic thing, as long as you have the good kind.

    Love is a never-ending feeling for individuals in America. You always need love to keep going on in your life because it gives us pride. Love is a huge thing because no one strives to be a loner in life. Everyone does, or should, strive to make friends and form stronger bonds with their family members.

    With fame, comes money and popularity. Money, once again, is a great thing to people who want, or need it. Everyone is greedy at one point or another, whether they want to believe it or not. In our school, people think being popular is the greatest thing out there. To me, popularity is stupid. All of a sudden, those kids who are 'popular', bash on the kids who aren't.

    I believe Americans would sell their soul for a variety of reasons, but these are the main three. Americans would sell their soul for these three things because we are a greedy country and there is no doubt about that.
  • In today's society people would sell their soul for something of high value to them. Most of the time that is success or money. Well talk about success first. Success can be viewed differently by every person though. One person may just want to be famous. Or they want a to own a company. They just want whatever makes them happy. This could be anything, as long as in their eyes they're successful.

    The second thing is money. Everybody wants money. As much as some people deny it. Money runs this world and without it, it wouldn't run. People would sell their soul for money because money can get them just about anything. They want a nice house, done with a lot of money. They want nice car, done with a lot of money. Anything you can think of that you want can be bought. Except for what I will bring up as the third item. A lot of people think that with money they can buy happiness. So why not sell your soul for it.

    The last thing people would sell their soul for is a relationship of some sort. This is the one thing that money can't buy. Whether this a relationship with a someone that you like more than a friend or whether it's a relationship with a friend. Either way this can't be bought. Also friends and that special someone are important to people. They help you through many parts of life. Wherever you don't need money and success your gonna need a friend. Which is why I picked it as the third thing someone would sell their soul for.
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