English 11 Syllabus Updates

Week Fifteen Syllabus Update

“Success is an event. Mastery is a curved-line pursuit.” Amanda Dykes

Week Fifteen (4.20-4.25):

Monday: The Pardoner’s Tale. We will read a version in contemporary language, much as Chaucer would have wanted it. This link is found below:

The Pardoner's Tale

You will be expected to "annotate" in the same Today's Meet forum you used for the previous Chaucer tale.

Then we will watch the animated version, which can be found in last week's update.

Work on project for tomorrow. Look to last week's update for guidelines; this should be a fairly lengthy presentation with detailed explanations of your choice of pilgrimage site, your choice of representative types, and visuals depicting those types.

Tuesday: Present your updated Carroll Tales, Iowa Tales, and America Tales.

Wednesday: Finish any remaining presentations.

Introduction to the epic hero and the hero's journey. Below is the link to our shared notes document--please make a copy and then fill in with your own examples as we are discussing:

epic hero characteristics

If time remains, we will begin a closer look at Joseph Campbell's idea of the Hero's Journey.

We will use the website linked below and add notes and examples in our "epic hero characteristics" file:

The Hero's Journey


Canterbury Tales/terms quiz:

Define “pilgrimage”

Provide a contemporary literal and a contemporary figurative example of a pilgrimage, explaining your reasoning for both

What are the three classes of people represented by the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales?

Provide at least three examples of pilgrims from each class.

 Define “yeoman”

Define “frame story” and explain how The Canterbury Tales fits this definition.

 The Nun’s Priest’s Tale:

What does the fox say, and why should you not listen to him?

 The Pardoner’s Tale:

Translate Radix malorum est cupiditas and explain how the tale illustrates this moral.

 How does the Pardoner’s Tale connect to Martin Luther and his Reformation?

Quiz Link

Continue our work with the Hero’s Journey website. Assign epics for partner presentations.

Below are the epic tales you will be researching, reading (in summary form), and presenting:

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Iliad/The Odyssey




El Cid

Saga of the Volsungs

Das Nibelungenlied

Below is the rubric we will be using for this research/presentations:

Epic presentation rubric

Friday: Works Cited Day for IIP. By the end of class, each of you should have created a complete and flawlessly formatted works cited page for your final IIP paper. This is an assignment, just as your reflections were. Below is a link to a model MLA-formatted works cited page:

Sample MLA Works Cited Page

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