English 11 Syllabus Updates

Week Fourteen Syllabus Update

Week Fourteen (4.13-4.17):

IIP Reflection Form


Review the Hamlet test. Take this Shakespeare quiz: Shakespeare character quiz

We will watch the amusingly informative “History of English” to prepare us for Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales.

Then we will discuss the concept of “pilgrimage” and how it applies to modern times, both in religious and non-religious contexts.

We will read some background on The Canterbury Tales and discuss its significance.


 We will listen to a bit of the Middle English version of the Prologue to gain a sense of what it sounded like.

I will assign prologue characters to pairs: You are responsible for reading the parts of the prologue that mentions these characters and then for creating a simple slide show that illustrates the following: Who are these characters (some of their professions you will be unfamiliar with and need to look up), how are they presented by Chaucer, and what might they look like visually. We will present these slide shows on Tuesday.


Present slide shows and discuss the characters and the prologue.

 We will read the final lines of the prologue together—778-841.

 Then partners will be responsible for creating a list of representative characters for a modern-day “pilgrimage.”

 Who would represent a cross-section of CHS? (five character types) of Iowa? (eight character types) of America (ten character types).  We will present these on Tuesday of next week.

 Begin “Nun’s Priest Tale.”


 Continue “Nun’s Priest Tale.”

 Watch Animated Versions:


NWEA testing for most of our class periods six and seven. The remaining students should bring work (remember that your final IIP reflection is due tomorrow by the end of class).


Final IIP reflection due by the end of class. The link for the reflection is found at the top of this week’s update.

Rubric for CHS/Iowa/Canterbury Tales Presentations: Pilgrimage rubric
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