English 11 Syllabus Updates

Week Seventeen Syllabus Update

Truly speaking, it is not instruction, but provocation, that I can receive from another soul.

                                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Week Seventeen (5.4-5.8):


We will be Skyping with our online friends at Santa Fe Indian School. Come prepared with questions for them (and be prepared to answer questions about yourselves/us).

Group epic research time.

Epic Hero Quiz on Thursday. You will be given the same template we've been using, and you will be asked to provide 2 (two) thorough examples of epics to fit each of the characteristics.


Time to work on your group epic presentations and your individual modern epic presentations.


Individual modern epic presentations begin. We will start with volunteers, but all need to be ready to present today. Your presentation needs to be shared with me before class time to speed transitions between presenters.


Complete any remaining modern epic presentations.

Take the epic hero quiz.


We will work on your thesis and your opening for the IIP paper. By the end of class, you should have your thesis note-perfect and your opening at least in a workable version.

A good thesis must be arguable, clear, and limited.

World epic presentations will begin on Monday. We will begin with Cheyenne and Monica, as Monday is Cheyenne's last day. All other groups need to be ready to present on Monday as well.

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