English 11 Syllabus Updates

Week Ten Syllabus Update

Virtue is a state of war, and to live in it we have always to combat with ourselves.

                                                   Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Week Ten (3.16-3.20):

Monday (shortened classes): We will complete an extended anticipation guide to set us up for Hamlet. If any time remains, we will begin watching our pre-Hamlet background documentaries. Outside of class, you should be working on your own personal “Things I Carry” essay, using the brainstorming we did (much longer ago than is optimal, I admit). Look at the responses in the forum from the SFIS students; I will also post my own response there. These are due Thursday.

Hamlet Anticipation Guide


PBS Hamlet David Tennant

Tuesday: Reminder that your "America" papers are due today. You should have already shared your work in progress, so you do not need to share again.

We will all join Curriculet, an online site we will use to augment our Hamlet reading and discussion.


We will continue to watch our pre-Hamlet background documentaries. Several of the terms for our next terms quiz will come from these documentaries. I will also set up a TodaysMeet backchannel for our viewing and responding. Continue working outside of class on your “Things I Carry” essay.

Curriculet link

Hamlet background backchannel

Wednesday: Wrap up any remaining pre-Hamlet activities. Begin Act I of the play.

Thursday (shortened classes): Make sure your “Things I Carry” essay is posted to the forum. We will respond to these on Monday, both those of your classmates and those of SFIS students.Stirke that--share them with me in Google Drive so we can read and respond and revise next week before posting. We will continue with Act I of Hamlet.

Friday: No school. For any of us.

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