Get Your Read On--9th Reading

Week Eleven Syllabus Update

Most of what makes a book "good" is that we're reading it at the right moment for us.

           Alain de Botton

Week Eleven (11.9-11.13):


Once again we will begin the week with some visual inference practice.

What's Going On In This Picture?

Then we will complete a nonfiction book pass. Some of you who haven't moved out of your comfort zones need to begin doing so--the end of the semester is closer than you think.


We will combine the visual inferencing with our shared nonfiction reading using a site called Wordless News.

After reading the linked article, you need to complete a 17-word summary using Google Classroom.


We have a rare full Wednesday, so we will have time to share our reading and respond in full to the Signposts as part of our goal check.


I will take some class time to talk about Large Group and Individual Speech. Not only because I coach these activities, but also because Speech and Drama are part of the English curriculum. And the speech opportunities are not available to you in middle school, so many freshmen are unaware of what these activities actually entail. 

With whatever time remains, we will have reading time.


The reveal of What's Going On In This Picture for the week. And then the final vocabulary words for this cycle are due by the end of class. Use the form found in the About section of our Google Classroom. We will begin our next vocabulary quiz on Tuesday of next week.

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