Get Your Read On--9th Reading

Week Fifteen + Holiday Remix Syllabus Update

One of the tragedies of our lives is how much we miss out on because we think there's something

more interesting happening wherever we aren't; it is a lesson always learned too late.

                                            Alex Balk

Week Fifteen + Holiday Remix (12.14-12.23):


Return of the Big Question. I will review what constitutes a Big Question, share with you a choice from my most recent book, Wolf by Wolf, and then ask you to think about your own choice of Big Question for whichever book you choose (any book you've finished since our first Big Question during the first quarter).

Your thinking and choice of Big Question will be posted on Google Classroom.

The About section of our Google Classroom also contains the rubric, model Big Question responses, and suggestions for how to approach writing your response.


Class time to create our Big Question responses.  I am available during class to help.

The Big Question response is due by class time on Tuesday, December 22 (the last day of class before the winter break).

Wednesday (shortened classes):

Goal check. We will have a brief goal check. As we set new goals, realize that we will be setting them for Tuesday of next week, one day less than a full week. This way we can complete a quick goal check next week before the break.


Continue to work on our Big Question responses. I am available during class to help.


Vocabulary due by the end of class. Please use the form found on our Google Classroom.

Remember that our next goal check will be on Tuesday, and that is also when your Big Questions need to be posted on Google Classroom.

Monday 21 December:

Final class day to complete Big Question responses. Post your completed response in Google Classroom.

Tuesday 22 December (shortened classes):

Goal check. We will be setting our reading goals for Wednesday, January 6.

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