Get Your Read On--9th Reading

Week Nine Syllabus Update

To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.

       Georg Christoph Lichtenber

Week Nine (10.26-10.30):


We will continue to work on our Visual Inference group projects. Presentations will begin tomorrow. All groups need to be ready to present, though not all groups will present tomorrow.

I will hand out the paper copy of the rubric for each group. You will need this while we present.

After each group has presented their observations and inferences, other groups can add, for extra credit, observations and inferences that have not been mentioned. However, if the observations and inferences have, in fact, been mentioned, that group will lose a point.


Visual Inference group presentations begin. 


We interrupt the group presentations for our weekly goal check. A full class period today, so we will also share our reading with each other. As always, we will complete the weekly goal check in our Google Classroom.


Group presentations continue (and finish). Each group will be asked to self-assess your presentation on the printed rubric I provided earlier in the week.


Three vocabulary words due at the end of class. Upon further review, we may well need to be finishing some presentations today. As such, no new vocabulary this week. We will complee any remaining presentations and then have time to read and take shelfies, celebrating the end of the first quarter.

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