Get Your Read On--9th Reading

Week Six Syllabus Update

“You are not teaching reading and writing, you are teaching PEOPLE who read and write.”

                           Peter Johnston

Week Six (10.5-10.9):


Remember to submit your Big Question response in Google Classroom by class time today.

Return of our Article of the Week. This week's article is about football and concussions.

We will read and annotate in class, and your response is due by Thursday in the forum found in the "Get Your Read On" tab on the menu bar to your right.

Below are my beginning annotations (apologies for the crinkled paper):


Historical fiction book pass. As we enter the second half of the first quarter, we will "speed date" with many historical fiction titles.

You do not have to switch to a historical fiction title now (though you can); you are asked, however, to read at least one title from this genre during the semester.

Wednesday (shortened classes):

Goal check on Google Classroom.


Time to read, take shelfies, share our reading.


Return of vocabulary--you have three completed words due by the end of class today. 

This brings us to nine, which means our first vocabulary quiz will be next week. More details on that in next week's update.

The Google Form is also available in the About section of our Google Classroom.

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