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Week Twelve Syllabus Update

I don't read self-help books--unless you count every book I've read.

                  Donalyn Miller


Week Thirteen (11.16-11.20):



What’s Going On In This Picture? Observing, inferring, and sharing.

Below is the link to view the truth behind last week's photo and look at this week's photo.

What's Going On In This Picture?


Article of the Week, about the use of the word “Redskins” by Washington’s professional football team and the idea of offensive language in general. The response is due on Thursday. Below are my initial annotations; please add them to your article copy.



Continue working on the Article of the Week annotations and response. We will begin our next vocabulary quiz today. Same protocol as last time: We will begin with volunteers, and then those volunteers may choose who goes next if they so wish. You will be asked about five of your nine words.


Wednesday (shortened classes):

 Goal check to be completed on Google Classroom. Vocabulary quiz continues while you are responding.



Vocabulary quiz continues. Reading time for those not quizzing.



Finish any remaining vocabulary quizzes. Then we will begin our second quarter group presentation/project, on connotation and denotation, with a little bit of euphemism thrown in for good measure.

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