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Choosing the Sex of a Baby Article Response

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What is your opinion on whether parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their child? Explain fully.

Regardless of your opinion, what is the most convincing claim against allowing such choice?

To receive credit, your response must contain the following:

1) A direct quotation from the article to support one of your answers, and

2) A direct reference to someone else's response, either in agreement or disagreement.

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  • I truly believe that you shouldn't be able to choose the sex of the child if yours first child. There can be many complications during the process and plus in a sense it would be kind of playing god. I think it should be a surprise. Plus as the article says "a couple has already has 3 boys and wants to try for a girl which can be called family balancing". I mean if you've already had 4 girl and you wanted a boy than that would be fine. In this case i agree with carter about how if "a parent has a considerable amount of kids, with none being the sex they wanted, then it would be okay to change the sex of the next baby".
  • I think once a parent has a considerable amount of kids, with none being the sex they wanted, then I feel like it is okay to do then, even though that’s a highly unlikely possibility. Of course, there’s no one stopping you if you do want to change the child’s sex, at least while they’re still in the womb. As the article states it, “a couple already has three boys and wants to try for a girl, a concept sometimes called “family balancing”.”

    Well, there is the argument of “God’s choice”, which some people don’t care about, and there’s the argument about how “You can never truly choose your child’s own gender,” which, quite frankly, is false in many households, but I feel like there’s no argument that could truly make this situation go away. There’s always people who will want to do whatever they want, and won’t let anyone stop them. Even if you told the people who plan to do it that “Their child will end up as a science experiment,” there will still be some who will still go through with it. Plenty of people in the replies here like Parker K. and Aaron say that people shouldn’t do it because of a possible birth defect, but even that wouldn’t change people’s minds, as they’d think they would be lucky and not have a child with a defect.
  • In my opinion, I don't think parents should have control on deciding there sex of their children. When people get pregnant they have to live with they don't have a choice of what they want. If you actually love your child it won't matter what sex they are. Male or female it doesn't make that much of a difference what you have.
    “So far there is no evidence, at least in the United States that giving couples the option of selecting the sex of their child could lead to a surplus of girls or boys” So it states that there is no positive by doing this from evidence.
    I agree with Aaron that it could have a birth defect.
  • I think that it should be allowed but only after they have had a certain amount of kids. Like if one family had like three boys in a row and wanted a girl that should be allowed. But besides that I don't think that it should be allowed because that could lead to a gender bias like the article states "Let's face it, There is discrimination against women, but I don't sense in the practice of assisted reproductive technology, at least in my experience, there is an overwhelming bias toward one sex or the other" And I agree with Draven's statement "I don't think it should matter the sex of your child." I think that the most convincing claim is that it is dangerous to the embryo. Like I wouldn't want to risk it just to have a certain sex for a child.
  • In my opinion, I believe that they shouldn’t be able to choose their gender of a child, I think that they should be happy with what they are going to have. And taking vitamins to conceive a child or to be able to have your choice is just wrong in my mind. I don’t like the idea of women that aren’t able to have children that get to choose a gender of a child but women that are able to have one, they should be happy, because not many women are able to have that opportunity.
    “Many couples trying to conceive a child have at least some inkling of whether they want a girl or a boy. These preferences have made some resort to less-than-surefire methods, from taking vitamins to timing when they have sex in order to influence gender.”
    Regarding my opinion, that child that is being chosen, could have birth defects and could be seriously injured as a child or they will have serious defects as they get older, and will be made fun of or with eventually hurt themselves.
    I agree with Bailey Belger on that they have no right of choosing their own gender of a child and having the consequences of what that child might or might not look like.
  • I think that some parents should be able to pick the sex of their child. Some parents complain when they don’t get the sex of the baby that they want. People like whatever sex their child is even if it is a boy and they wanted a girl.

    The most convincing claim about the parents letting them pick the sex of the baby is a bad choice. It’s a bad choice because their could be some consequences to them or their child or children they have. “From my own personal perspective, I don’t think there’s anything unethical about any of it; however it’s ethically controversial.”

    I agree with Mr. Polking that Dr. Sauer is paraphrased in the article as saying that there is nothing inherently unethical about allowing such a choice.
  • I think it is the parents right to decide what sex the baby will be, because they are the one holding it for nine months and paying for another 18 years. I don't think that it should be used to favor one type of gender, but it might and is just what will happen, with every advance in science there are always cons to it. I agree with Jon "I believe the parents would love the baby even more if they chose what gender" because they have the choice of what they want to have. "They love their children. It's not like they think one sex is better than the other, but they think, 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a child of this gender?' but that a fact of live people favor one gender more then the other, its not like they will just start to favor a gender, they probably already have.
  • I don't think that parents should be allowed to chose the sex of other baby because then if one sex is pick more then the other it will come superior.
    That all the consequences if it will work because not all the time it will work and the baby could have birth defects "It helps doctors determine which embryos are most viable and rule out chromosomal abnormalities responsible for conditions such as Down Syndrome and turner syndrome."
    I agree with Klaire when she says that God gave you that baby for a reason.
  • I’m kind of in the middle/undecided on this certain topic. On one side, I feel like the parents should have the right to choose the gender of their child. They’re the ones who are going to be raising the child, not anyone else, so I don’t really see how other people could have an influential voice on the matter. On the other side, I don’t really think it’s right for people to be choosing genders. It’s kind of unnatural to me. I agree with what Polking said. We should not be playing God with our children. It’s kind of scary that at one point I could have total control over my future child's physical appearance.

    To me, the most convincing claim against it, is that it could cause a gender bias. “Let’s face it, there is a discrimination against women,” is said in the article. This is true in almost everywhere, including in America. Since so many people see boys as the ‘dominant gender’, I feel as if that could really affect their gender choosing. Not only that, but women are drastically mistreated and taken advantage of. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have daughters, or that having a daughter is a bad thing, but why would I want to bring a girl into a world where she’s going to be taught that everything a man says is more important than what she says?
  • I remember stories about China's "one child" policy that only allowed each family to have one child, due to fears about overpopulation. And I remember horrible stories about female infants being abandoned and left for dead, as their families wanted their one allowable child to be a boy. These stories still color my perception of the issue of whether parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their child.

    On the one hand, I agree with Dr. Sauer, who is paraphrased in the article as saying that there is nothing inherently unethical about allowing such a choice. But on the other hand, I am wary of how gender bias will affect such decisions and where this "level of control" given to parents will end. If we are comfortable with allowing parents to choose the sex of their child, will we also be comfortable with parents choosing eye color, hair color, height, and other traits? Will we have a society where parents design their children like gamers design their characters in online games?

    The author of the article downplays the dangers of gender bias, at least in the United States, but I find his claims ultimately unconvincing. Indeed, I think the danger of gender bias (in favor of boys) to be the most compelling and convincing claim against allowing parents to have this control. I do share "the general philosophical concern that parents should not have this level of control over their offspring." And I worry about where such control will end. We should not be playing God with our children.
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