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Reading is Good For Your Health response

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Use the following prompts to guide your response:

What surprised you?

What confirmed or contradicted what you already though to be true?

Why is it important that we build empathy?

Provide a specific example of a book (or other story, such as a movie or a television show) that has helped shape how you think about an issue in your life.

In order to receive credit, your response must include the following:

1) At least one direct quotation from the article to provide evidence for a claim you are making, and

2) A direct reference to someone else's response, either in agreement or disagreement. This reference should mention the student (or teacher) by name and should be included in your own response.

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  • Upon reading the article “Reading is Good For Your Health” I was surprised that “people who read fiction may understand people better than others.” In this article the fact that “people who read fiction may understand people better than others,” contradicted what I thought because I thought Fiction was just another Genre of book. Because you need empathy so that we are able to work with others aren’t judging people for being different than you.

    The book “Incarceron” makes me think just how I have it better than I thought because in that book he literally had nothing and there was no such thing as trust because they were in prison and the prison ran itself. Here I was thinking I had it bad because I have no dad and fifteen siblings but turns out that some people have better lives than others.

    I agree with Karter because we both thought that
  • Something that surprised me in the article was when when Keith Oatley said, “People who read fiction may understand people better than others.”

    What confirmed me was that when you read more you become a better fluent reader and you can read faster and pick what kind of book to get to read.

    It’s important that we build empathy so that when other people have questions on what the word means or how to spell the word. You guys can work in groups and do groups projects together.

    Home Alone the movie because whenever my brother and mom leave to go to Omaha they always never tell me that they are going because apparently they forget to call me or get me from my friends house they just leave so i'm always home alone.
  • That people who read fiction books can understand people better than others that really surprised me because I didn't think that would be able to happen because it's just a type of book.

    That you can connect with the characters if you get far enough into the book. If you do get far enough into your book you'll start to know your characters better and know what they like to do then you could maybe connect with some things they do like if you like football and they like football you both have something in common that was easy to find.

    If you have empathy you can believe in your self or in other people. The reason I think that is because if you believe in one person you could maybe believe in someone else if they're trying there hardest at something. If you aren't doing so well in school and someone comes out of nowhere and just gets their stuff in and get's all their grades up that's someone you can believe in because they were trying their hardest to get better grades and not having missing assignments

    The movie "Straight Outta Compton" made me think that how mean the cops were to the blacks back in the day and it just makes me think that, "why would you do that to someone who is just a different color than you. They have the same rights and personality's as you so why treat them differently than you? In my opinion everyone should have the same right's because no one is perfect everyone has a point where they mess up in life.

    "A work of fiction is a piece of consciousness that can pass from one mind to another and that reader can make it their own" That got to my head because it's just a different quote that I didn't think would be as good as I thought.

    I agree with Dominic, because when I'm reading my mind spaces out and I think that I'm in the book. If the book I'm reading is really good I'll space off and not pay attention to anything else. Also I agree with him about everyone isn't ready for certain book because if you have a low reading level you can't just go for it a read a high leveled book it would be hard because there would be words that you wouldn't know how to say.
  • The thing that surprised me about this article was not that reading helps you, because I already knew that, but I didn’t actually know how much it help. I didn’t know that reading helped with so many things like emotions. The other thing that surprised me was how someone’s job is to find the perfect book for someone, but not only that, but how they choose that certain book for that certain person. I love reading and I am really happy that it is scientifically proven to help people.

    When the expert Mr. Oatley said that you read a book that you really get into, you connect with the characters is in my opinion absolutely true. I believe that when you read a book that you have connect with the characters that when they feel sad or hurt, you also do to. I have had a times when I get really mad because a character got hurt or got killed.

    The reason why it is very important to build empathy with someone or something is because you can understand them more. You can also relate to what they are feeling.

    In the movie,” She’s the Man,” this girl goes and does a makeover looking like a guy so she can prove that she is good enough to be on a guy soccer team even though she is a girl. This made me realize that there is still people saying that one gender can do something but the other can’t, I believe that a girl can do what a guy does and a guy can do what a girl does.

    I agree with Jazmyn when she had said that reading can take you somewhere that no car, plane, or boat can. Reading can make you think that you are anywhere, you could be flying in the sky on a unicorn or something. While reading a book you get pulled into the book and you feel like you a part of the book.
  • As I read Reading is good for your health, the thing that surprised me the most is when Natalie Phillips said “Because people are feeling something as they read, doesn’t always lead to more positive relationships with someone,” she said. “However, this research marks one of the crucial first step in that direction toward understanding the intricate cognitive processes involved in literary reading.” As I read this, I wonder why people couldn’t be in a positive relationship when they read.

    The confirmed or contradicted is possible to be true, because reading can help you in many different ways, but it could also not let you see something directly. Reading can do a lot of things out in the real world. You can read anything, bills, signs, what do eat at a restaurant.

    We build empathy because then if we read a book than you can understand the character's feelings or empathy. The book would probably be a little boring if it just told us what they are doing and not how they feel.

    People who has been reading fiction test higher for empathy. Other brain studies of people who listen to a story with intense emotion show a physical response. Their heart rate changes and brain scans show the area that corresponds with emotions lights up, as if the person was experiencing that emotion personally. When I read this I remember that when I read I feel like I’m in the book where the main character is doing. My heart rate goes up if something scary or exciting is happening.

    Taylor Everhart was right when I read hers. She said that reading is very important to everyone and how to build empathy by building your emotions too.
  • I believe by reading nonfiction and fiction books is a good way to activate your brain and help you read better with bigger and longer books. Some examples in the story is “Books can work as a kind of “moral laboratory” as the scholar Jemeljan Hakemulder calls it, or they can act like mind’s “flight simulator: as Oatley describes it. A book i’ve read is Harry Potter, which I think is is a good way to activate your brain. Something that surprised me is I didn’t know that books were good for your health. I think it’s important that we build empathy is so that we can tell and understand someone's feelings. Harry Potter has helped me think about what kinda choices I should make in life. I agree with Mr Polkings that reading is part of what being a human.
  • Right from the beginning the article surprised me because I had never heard of reading helping people like that. Before today I didn’t even know that bibliotherapy existed, I like the idea of it though, because when people are depressed or have anxiety there is a chance that they will take their prescription meds to overdose and harm themselves. I’m pretty positive that you can’t overdose from reading to much.

    I don’t remember what the movie was called but it taught me that even if you’re different from everyone else on the outside you’re still the same as everyone else on the inside, and it’s honestly helped me in real life where a kid was being bullied because of what he looked like.

    I can see how this helps though because with me whenever I read I’m just in that book, nothing really matters to me while reading and that's why I can see why it helps people because it takes their mind off of things.

    I also find it interesting how Alison “assigns” clients five to seven books because if she just gave them one they could be back the next day, but with that many books it holds them over for a little while.

    “Not everyone is ready for certain books, and that’s okay,” she said. They may get there eventually and the other books may help with that progress” I like how she said that because it tells me that this idea is actually working and that people are progressing.

    I agree with Maddi because I also don’t think you need medicine most of the time just to be calm and relaxed.
  • What surprised me: This surprised me because I didn’t know it was possible and I didn’t even know this. (People who have been reading fiction test higher for empathy. Other brain studies of people who listen to a story with intense emotion show a physical response. Their heart rate changes and brain scans show the area that corresponds with emotion lights up, as if the person was experiencing the emotion personally.)

    What confirmed or contradicted what you already know to be true: Reading can help you safely test how you feel about certain issues or people , without having to experience something directly.

    Why is it important that we build empathy: So we can show emotion or feelings for one another.

    In the book, If I Was Your Girl, by Meredith Russo, helped me understand how I feel about transgender people. I think that you show be who you are and if the gender isn’t what you feel then do what you must, and for all the people who bully the gays, lesbians, or even the bi-sexuals, you need to understand that they are people too and if you are going to bully them just because of that it shows how low you truly are.

    “Because people are feeling something as they read, doesn’t always lead to more positive relationships with someone,” she said.

    I agree with Mr. Polking because the title establishes the claim.
  • With reading your mind can go in many different directions. Personally when I find a really good book it is hard to put down. Sometimes I don't like to read but a lot of the times I do because I found a really good book.

    What surprised you? - Something that surprised me is how much books have an impact on your life and how they can change your thoughts on many different subjects. I am surprised because I have had my mind change on many subject just by reading.

    The part that confirms what I already knew is when they said that reading can help with your emotional development. I already knew it could help that because when you read your mind goes to a different place. It also trails off and makes you sort of relate to the character and the situation the character is in.

    It is important to build empathy so that you can relate to someone's feelings or help them with something that may be happening to them. Or something going on in there life that is really difficult for them.

    In my book she states that she has had many rough journeys. Although mine aren't like hers I have had many things I have struggled with in my life. I have also had many things that have made me not want to try and to just stay home and do nothing before too.

    Edge of ready really helped me look at life a little bit different. It has helped me realize that everybody goes through hard times and that I am never alone when it comes to being upset or very happy.

    “I personally enjoy reading only when I can find a book that I don’t want to put down” I agree with Maddie when she says that because I really only enjoy reading when I find a book that I always want to read, but when the book is boring to me I don't like to read that much.
  • Something that confirmed what I already knew was when the article said, "Spending quality time with these characters as you relax on the beach or sit propped up on bed pillows is more than mere escapism." Not only is this escapism, but reading is putting yourself in another person's place to forget reality. I realize that this is probably the dictionary definition of escapism when reading, but I feel that sometimes forgetting your life maybe seriously benefit you greatly. A contradiction of what I already knew was that "reading can help our emotional development in large part." I feel that when I'm reading, it helps me when trying to determine my plan if I were in someone else's situation, but hurts me when trying to solve any sticky areas in my own life. I know this will sound really basic, but a book that has helped me think about an issue in my life is The Hunger Games. I took things for granted for such a long time, but somehow a dystopian future society and a side french braid have taught me not to take my family, freedom, or even little things like sugar and oranges for granted.

    I agree with Makayla Buetel when she mentioned that people are too involved with technology, and most people are more willing to put down the books and check their social media accounts or play games on their smartphones or tablets instead.

    I agree that reading books can improve your mental health, because (I know this wasn't in the article, it's just an opinion/assumption.) reading can aid you with social issues and help you to be a more efficient learner and thinker.
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