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Week Eleven Syllabus Update

Week Eleven (11.9-11.13):


Your videos of the film shots need to be shared with me by class time today.

We will look at a film from the 1950s, both as a way to practice identifying shots and movements, and as a way to see the evolution of film from the clips we saw in last week's documentary to the 1950s and then to closer to present day as we begin The Truman Show tomorrow.


We will begin viewing the Truman Show. We will continue to think about shots and camera movements, and we will have a response over the film due next week. The Truman Show is an excellent choice for media literacy class not only for the technical aspects, but also for the themes of media manipulation and what it means to be human.

We will use the TodaysMeet link below as a backchannel discussion while we view:

Truman Show Backchannel


Kylee will bring her song of the day. We will need TWO volunteers for next week. Respond using the form found in the About section of our Google Classroom.


Continue analyzing The Truman Show.


Continue analyzing The Truman Show. (We may finish today; I'll have a better sense of this after Thursday.)

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