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Week Five Syllabus Update

Week Five (9.28-10.2):


No school for students. Unfair.


We will now switch our focus and look at how advertising and our culture influence our ideas of femininity and what it means to be a woman. We will watch the documentary Killing Us Softly 4. The backchannel we will use for discussion is linked below:

Killing Us Softly Discussion


We will start work on two assignments: one a homework assignment, one a project.

The homework assignment is to watch either a movie, two episodes of an hour-long show, or four episodes of thirty-minute show.

You then need to analyze what you watch for the messages that are given about what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman. I highly recommend taking notes as you watch--how are the characters dressed, what are their actions, what is important to them?

Your written analysis (two-page minimum) needs to be completed in Google Classroom (attach your Google Document) by Tuesday, October 6.

The project involves CREATING media--one of the main beliefs of media literacy is that we should all be creators as well as consumers of media.

Your task is to take our concepts of Gender and Identity and make media that promotes the message you want to see.

This could take many forms--a video you make and edit, a podcast, a satirical advertisement, any form of media you can come up with to show your understanding of how media influences our conceptions of gender.

You may work alone if you wish, but I encourage collaboration. You may work in groups of two or three. (Any larger than that and roles become ill-defined.)

You will present these projects beginning on Monday, October 12.


Work time for both the homework assignment and the project. Bring headphones.


Sydney is bringing the Song of the Day. The form is found below and also on the About section of our Google Classroom.

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