Media Literacy updates

Week Four Syllabus Update


Below is the Media, Gender, and Identity form we will all fill out in class.

We will then discuss the results with partners and then as a large group.


We will begin looking at documentary clips about media and masculinity.

We will continue this viewing on Thursday, and you will have class time on Friday to work on the response.

We will use the TodaysMeet Backchannel linked below to discuss as we view:

Documentary Backchannel


Bryce has (reluctantly) agreed to bring the Song of the Day. Below is the form for the response; the form can also be found in the About section of our Google Classroom


Complete viewing of the documentary clips. With any time remaining, we will discuss what we've viewed. 

For tomorrow's forum response, you need to read the article linked below and address it as part of your response:

Target and Toys/Gender

Your response to the documentary is due in the Media Literacy Forum by the end of class time on Friday. You will have the class time to work on the response, but remember that with the early-out for the Homecoming Parade, class is only 30 minutes long.


Class time to finish your responses to the documentary. 

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