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Week Fourteen Syllabus Update

Week Fourteen (12.7-12.11):


Complete our viewing of Pleasantville. This will take most of the class period. We will have a response due in the forum for Wednesday, and you will have Tuesday's class to complete that response. I will ask you to respond in our backchannel with your ideas about a third film for the class to view and analyze.


Time to write your Pleasantville response. Any remaining time should be used to study for Wednesday's terms quiz. The study guide for this terms quiz is found in the stream of our Google Classroom.


Terms quiz three. You will create a new document, share it with me, and then paste the quiz into your new document before writing your answers.


We will begin our third film and use a TodaysMeet backchannel to continue analyzing and discussing as we view.


Xavier's long-delayed song of the day. We will need two volunteers for next week. Use the form found in the About section of our Google Classroom.

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