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Week Nine Syllabus Update

Week Nine (10.26-10.30):


Make sure your response to the Feeding Frenzy documentary is posted in the Media Literacy Forum by class time. We will continue to analyze ads, preparing for our quizzes on Thursday and Friday. Thursday will be an open-note analysis of ads; Friday will be our no-notes second terms quiz.

We will add the terms "demographics" and "reptilian brain" to our list for Friday's quiz.

For Tuesday, each of you needs to bring in an advertisement. It can be a print ad in a newspaper or magazine, or it can be a video ad online.


We will present/analyze our advertisements in small groups and then to the class as a whole.


Mikayla will bring her song of the day. The form is found in the About section of our Google Classroom.


Open notes quiz on four new advertisements. We will complete these in Google Documents that you will share with me. The more you can show in terms of analysis, the better, including but not limited to the terms on last week's .pdf.

Any time remaining will be to study for tomorrow's no-notes term quiz two. The study guide for that quiz is listed below. We will not have any other review time--the study guide is quite specific and you should be able to study on your own.


Choose a popular product (other than yoga pants), and explain how this product’s popularity was born using all five levels of the “Pyramid of Cool.” (20 points)

Using this same product, sketch (using words, duh) three versions of ads for the product, one using ethos, one using pathos, and one using logos. Make sure you explain clearly how each ad makes use of its particular element of the rhetorical triangle (logos, ethos, pathos). (20 points)

Explain the third-person effect, how it works in media, and give a specific example of how YOU personally suffer from this (related to the media, and, yes, we all do). (6 points)

Explain the “reptilian brain,” and give an example of how advertisements target that part of the brain. (4 points)

Define “demographic” and list at least five demographic groups of which YOU are a member. Then give one example of a television show AND a movie targeting your demographic(s), and explain why you come to this conclusion. (10 points)

Explain “objectification” and give one example of how the media objectifies women and one example of how the media objectifies men. (5 points)


Terms quiz two. Same format as the first one—you will copy the quiz into a Google Document, share that document with me, and then respond to the quiz.

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