Media Literacy updates

Week Six Syllabus Update

Week Six (10.5-10.9):


Last class day to view, analyze, and write your response for the Media, Gender, and Identity homework assignment. Be sure to submit to Google Classroom by class time tomorrow, and also be ready to share some of your analysis with the class.

Also, for our media message we are creating on the same concepts,  you need to know by today what message you plan to create, how you plan to create it, and with whom you plan to create it. 


Class sharing of our findings from the Media, Gender, and Identity homework assignment.

Wednesday (shortened class periods):

Corey will be presenting the Song of the Day.


Work time for our media message projects.

Some of this will need to be done outside of class, so as you decide with whom to work, keep that reality in mind.

These projects will be presented next week, beginning on Tuesday, October 13. You will have class time on Monday, October 12, but that is a shortened day so we will only have thirty minutes.


Robb will bring the Song of the Day.

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