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Week Ten Syllabus Update

Week Ten (11.2-11.6):


New quarter, new seating chart.

And then a review of the advertisements we used for the open-note advertising techniques quiz.

Then, as befits a new quarter, a new unit--one focusing on understanding film (and, by default, television as well). We will begin by watching this supercut of iconic movie moments:

Then we will start by defining the film terms listed in the document below:


I strongly recommend using the website listed below to find the correct definitions of those terms:

Film terms

As it should say on the bottom of the shot project, your video evidence of understanding what these shots/camera movements must be sent to me no later than Friday, November 6.


We will add the concept of the rule of three and look at how it applies to framing shots in film and television.

Continue with defining the film terms; if time allows, you might even be able to film your examples during class.

Wednesday (shortened classes):

Cavan will bring his Song of the Day for us to analyze. We will need a volunteer for next Wednesday as well.

Use the Song of the Day form found in the About section of our Google Classroom.


To continue with our introduction to film terms, we will define the terms listed below (use the same website from above):


Auteur theory





Then we will begin watching The Story of Film, a brilliant British documentary about film history. We will look at the first episode, which talks about how film began.


We will continue and complete the first episode of The Story of Film. I will be gone in the morning due to the matinee performance of the musical.

Remember that your video evidence of your understanding of the shots/movements needs to be sent to me by today.

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