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Week Twelve Holiday Remix Syllabus Update

Everywhere in enormous numbers turkeys will be dying

and other birds, all their wings.

They never greatly flew. Did they wish to?

I should know. Off away somewhere once I knew

such things.

John Berryman Dream Song 385

Week Twelve Remix (11.23-11:24):



We will begin our second film in our film unit: Pleasantville. As with the Truman Show, the film's themes have much to say about media literacy and the role of media in our lives. We will use a backchannel to further our discussion as we view. That link is found below and on our Google Classroom:

Pleasantville backchannel


Cadyn will bring his song of the day, and we will take a volunteer for Wednesday of next week. Enjoy your break, and remember that our two-minute film projects are due (and will be shared with the class) on Thursday, December 3.

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