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This is one of my favorite songs by MGK. In the song a little more MGK is explaining how we need more love and less of the stress and hate. How we have to worry about oil spills, war, bills. He says it’s okay to show pain because it always rains before a rainbow. He also goes into detail about how money is everything. If you don’t have any who really cares about you. How the government is just as crooked as the police meaning that someone can do something so terrible and a normal person would feel something needs to happen to them but the justice is never served. How people would rather gossip about a famous person breaking the rules then talk about how a girl committed suicide after she was bullied at school this one just explains itself and the effect social media has on people how how much we really care about other REAL people we see day to day. Sure MGK is a rapper but he’s doing something with it, he wants to start a revolution as he says in multiple songs and look how popular he is. There are only a handful of people I personally know who listen to him and that’s crazy. Someone who is actually talking about what’s wrong with this country and this song isn’t even one of the most played. In order to make a “hit” it has to be about sex, money, drugs. All things that shouldn’t make hits but hey what am I to say? We just need a little more love….“It's basically what the world looks like through my eyes, and it's a bunch of jabs at things going on in society, after she is dying in the middle of the street, you're paying so much attention to her, you expect the people around you to have called help, and then you look up, just to reveal that everyone is like this with their cell phones." -MGK

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  • I saw it as just jabs at America, the government, and how society is now.(So basically the song version of an angry Facebook post). The part "you're proud of the guns you hold" made me think they are agents the second amendment. The three lines "Ocean's tainted from the oil spills How many kids have these wars killed How many families can't afford bills" made me think that the are angry about how America is have so many things go wrong now a days. The line "'Cause it feels like the government just is as crooked as the police" is when I knew they were talking about America.
  • I have never heard this song but I liked it because its different and unqiue. I liked this song because it's telling us how the guy feels, it wasn't just all about the girl and how the girl felt about everything. I agree that when people watch the news they are looking for the these celebrities, not the girl that had commited suicide. I agree that rap songs arn't all about sex, drugs and money. All songs have different meanings than we all assume they have. " I wish that I could let the world now that its okay to let the pain show." I really like this statement in the song because it is very true. Most people are scared to let the pain show, especially men because they are "suppose to" be tough and be able to get through hards times more than women.
  • I find the best part of the song is that it deviates from what people deem as a normal rap song. It doesn't talk about drugs or women and looks at money in a pretty negative light. He looks at some of the issues in today's society as well as world issues and expresses his opinion on the matter. He takes a stance against the importance of money or the problems with bullying that's been going on. He stamps the song off with a verse saying that you shouldn't care what other people think and always have hope for tomorrow, which is meant to inspire people as well as show others they're not alone.
  • I think the overall message of the song is that the world is revolved around things that don't matter rather than love. We don't get enough love in the world, so they're are trying to make a change with the song. And I agree, I think this song deserves more credit and recognition than it does. I love the tempo and how it changes throughout the song -- especially adding the strings to develop emotion. #Pathos. This song sends a great message out to the world. Also, when the girl sang "I screamed at the top of my lungs but my voice couldn't save this home," I thought that one person can't change the world, so everyone needs to step up and make a change with her. The world focuses on the unimportant things like gossiping about famous people, when we should really be focused on loving each other. Making the world a kinder and better place for everyone. I'm really glad you chose this song, Shyla. Great song choice!
  • I think the song, was trying to say that, not just America needs to change, but the whole world does. The song does have some current events that are happening in reality that the song is singing about. Whether it be the government control that we have on are lives, or the police that have killed some individuals. I think the lyric "I had a dream, that the world changed." was based on the slogan for Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 because he had Hope and Change as the slogans, and obviously, the had a dream references Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., because he had fought for equality, kind of what the song is trying to say in the undertones that are being thrown to us. The song also nails on a good point, about how the media is focused on how celebrities are breaking rules, while someone has killed them selves because of bullying or anything else.
  • The world is definitely changing and I agree that some bills are getting out of hand. With the Black lives matter movement going on the world could use a little more love to stop the riots and such. Nothings happened with the black lives matter movement that I know of because the world has given a little more love to the blacks and the police force. The girl who commits suicide do to not considere being cool is sad but true, people need to learn that it doesn't matter what people think. The ones who say mean things are the ones that are probably hurting too and letting out their anger on someone else, which isn't ok. They are taught that it is ok to mistreat others for their own liking. I like MGK and his songs because he usually deals with this kinda stuff. Great song choice.
  • When listening to this song I thought of it at first as like a song about relationships and break ups but then I got going into it and realized that it had some lyrics about like what the world is like today from the oil spills to someone committing suicide. With the lyrics, " You're proud of the guns you hold" I took this as like you are proud of your earnings from working hard. Then at the end with the be scared to dream for the top like they tell you, I felt like they were holding back because they felt like they weren't good enough for those big dreams. I took this song as a song about the world today and how anything and everything can fall apart just by someone saying one word to you.
  • I really like this song because it takes the time to talk about what is going on in the world that people seem to be avoiding. I think that people have failed lately to see the truth behind whats going on in the world, and that not everything is okay, and their are things that need to be fixed. I liked the part when it was talking about the girl who committed suicide but people are only paying attention to when a famous person does something wrong. I think that this is really true and that our aspects and perspectives have been skewed by the media and has placed our attention elsewhere. While some news sources only share that bad things, people still seem to be distracted by other things. What I got from this song is that this world is a broken place and we need to learn to spread love, not hate. I think that this is a big aspect of fixing the issues that stand, and work towards a better world, because there seems to be a lot that could be and needs to be fixed.
  • I love this song, I was one of the few people that have heard this song and it is one of my favorites. I agree completely with everything you said in this. This was a great song choice to bring to people because of the meaning of the song. You are right when you say there aren't many people that are real to themselves or aren't really involved in social media. If there is something going on weather it's funny, sad, scary, or horrible, it is more than likely being videotaped. I see stuff on facebook of two kids beating the crap out of each other and instead of people trying to stop it, they videotape it instead. This song really did have a lot of meaning about how dark and scary the world can be, there has been so much going on lately, that I can understand why people feel scared or powerless. The world is a scary place and this song shows that it's okay to show pain and to try to stand up for what you believe in, and I really like that.
  • I love this song, I heard it when it first came out and I couldn't stop listening to it. Mainly because the lyrics are so true, but also because I love MGK. I really like how he put the quote "it always rains before the rainbow". That is one of my favorite quotes. I completely agree with basically all of the lyrics. Society lets media take control over us. In my opinion, MGK isn't like other rappers. He doesn't rap about irrelevant things. He actually brings up topics that matter.
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