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I use Pandora and Spotify frequently and I realized something. Pandora has advertisements in spurts, and they don't really have just 30 ads playing in a cycle. There is this one commercial about Cremette Pasta and it has came on my Pandora 11 times in one day, and I even counted that. It's that ad and then a Christmas ad and that's it. It is seriously the most annoying thing when I know the ad after hearing it for 1 second into it. Do they do this on purpose so the ad gets stuck in your head? I think that they do it on purpose, but I don't think they should do that anymore. I don't think it helps anything. 

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  • Yes--repetition is effective. You may be annoyed by it, but the ad is now stuck in your head, and that's a good thing for the company.

    And, yes, as those below have mentioned, the annoying repetition may also serve to get you to pay for ad-free Premium.
  • I believe they do it to get the ad stuck in your head and also to try to make you get premium like Saraya said. There's been times when I've been able to recite the ad word for word because of that. It's definitely a bummer when you're listening to some really good songs and an ad comes on.
  • They do it on purpose so you get aggravated to the point of actually paying money for the premium app with no advertisement breaks. They do the same thing on Spotify sadly.
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