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I remember talking about this in class towards the beginning of the school year. A lot of people use their phone to connect with people or constantly have contact with them. Once we get used to this, it's almost impossible to bare the idea of being alone and having no one to text or Snapchat or anything. I think we have pushed off being really "alone" to our thoughts for so long, that it creates an unhealthy dependency on our phones and makes us get attached to people easier. I cannot remember a day when I actually sat down just to think without my phone or distractions. Even when I go on runs, I have my music blasting. In our technological world, we have tried to make it so we will never truly have to be alone with our thoughts. I think this is very unhealthy. If we don't give ourselves time to think things over, we tend to make bad decisions or not do the necessary things all together, I think it's good for everyone to at least take some time in their week to turn their phones off and have some time to yourself to do something. What do you think? 

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  • I have noticed that my phone is literally always next to me except for when i'm at work. I wouldn't say i'm addicted to technology but like when i'm in public or hanging out with someone that i'm not comfortable around, it is like my comfort zone. And if i'm not by my phone I always have this feeling that something important is going to happen and i'm going to miss it. I do agree with you that it would be a good idea for people to take time away from their phones. It seems like this generation has forgotten how to communicate, because they are so used to just typing things.
  • I agree with you also because whenever I am not with anyone or doing anything just sitting at home I am still on my phone. That is my "go to" when I wake up or am in bed late at night. I don't think I would be able to be alone without doing anything or having my cellphone. It is a great way to communicate with others, but isn't that also ruining our social skills....
  • I think that there are different versions of boredom that we submerse ourselves into. A long time ago sitting down and not doing anything was considered relaxing and people enjoyed it. Now if we are sitting there with nothing we would say that is super boring and it most cases unbearable. But even being on our phones or distracted with other technology, we can still be bored. Sometimes I wish that we could just sit there with no phones or TV or any other distractions and just think, but that doesn't happen much anymore.
  • I agree that we as a civilization are becoming way too dependent on technology. I personally always have to be doing something technology-related, it's becoming an addiction. When I'm bored, I immediately turn to Netflix so I can watch a show or I listen to music so it's not just quiet. It's definitely not healthy, but without it, I don't really know what I would do.
  • I agree with you that it is good to be away from our phones for awhile. So many people miss out on conversations or fun activities because they are on their phones. I like thinking about music concerts and phones because people can't enjoy a concert without posting it somewhere that they were there or have their phone out the entire time taking pictures. It went from lighters to phones.
  • I totally agree with you. This is super unhealthy. Kids are getting phones at such a young age now, so this all starts even earlier and makes it worse. I can't go a full day without my phone or a phone in hand.. My phone broke probably in October and I didn't have a phone but it's not like I didn't have technology. I always used someone else's phones to check my snapchat or I used my computer for facebook or instagram. I don't think this is healthy because we are going way away from being social in person and going more towards never being alone. I need alone time like holy crap
  • Yes--Sherry Turkle in her TED talk that we viewed early on used the phrase, "If we do not teach our children how to be alone, they will only know how to be lonely." I agree that we should embrace the virtues, even if only occasionally, of being alone. Being alone is when we find out who we really are.
  • This is a very interesting thought. I have never thought about this but it does make a lot of sense. This also makes sense about mental illness because it does seem like more people have mental illness than ever before and this could be a very good reason for that.
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