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"Battle Scars"

Battle Scars:

Battle Scars by: Guy Sebastian ft. Lupe Fiasco is an older song that I have enjoyed since it came out. I never have really thought of what the lyrics actually meant. That is why I have picked this song to bring to see what everyone else thinks. The meaning of the song was to inspire people to not hold their feelings inside and to not let them affect them for the rest of their lives and move on. This song really gives you motivation in believing in yourself and your “scars” and is really more about broken relationships and what they can cause. In the song you hear him sing “but you're in war with love” which is telling us that love is like war, you keep fighting with it. He also sings in the song " feeling stupid cause I know it ain't no you and me" which really signifies it is about a relationship. The artist Guy Sebastian wanted it to be about bad relationships because he wanted to show what bad relationships can cause and I really believe he did a good job showing that in the song.


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  • I thought the enter song went agents the gender stereotype of men, and us wanting to hide our emotions. As the main point to the song I thought it was about a man in a bad relation ship with a women. It maybe abusive mentally, or fiscally. That, or the female does not love him anymore, and he is trying his best to keep them together. I got this from basically the whole song, but the lines that pointed this out me the most were " I wish that I could stop loving you so much 'Cause I'm the only one that's trying to keep us together When all of the signs say that I should forget her, and "It shouldn't have happened but you let it Now you're down on the ground screaming, "Medic!" The only thing that comes is the post-traumatic stresses."
  • This song kinda reminds me of a battle field and how love can be so strong, and yet can become broken. I have heard this song but when I was little, I basically went off of what my siblings listened to because they were older and they "knew" what kinds of songs to listen to. I agree that this song gives you modivation because he knows that there are a lot of people out there that have been hurt and ones that are presently being hurt. I just don't understand how people can go and tell someone that they love them and go cheat on them and feel fine afterwards. You shouldn't need more than one guy to make you happy. I agree that he did a good job showng how hard relationships can be.
  • I really like this song, and I really has a true and real meaning behind it. I would definitely say that this is about love and heartbreak. The relationship definitely seems to be one sided and that is really bad for the guy. It really captures how hard it is to move on from someone you gave a piece of your heart to. I was really impressed with all of the movie references going back to the war aspect of it all. It really put things into perspective and made them clearer. I think a big thing that I noticed was that even if a wound heals quickly there will always be a mark to remind you of what you went through, whether it was physical or emotional. This song focuses more on the words and the meaning then the actual music, and I think that it strikes up more emotions that way. It also shows that even though it is hard, it is important to move on and find yourself, kind of like you said. Overall, I really liked your choice in song, and it created some good discussion topics!
  • I've loved this song ever since it came out and I still play it on my Spotify playlists. This song develops a strong feeling of emotion through out the song. (*cough, cough* -- pathos) As Carl said, the lyrics are the focal point of the song instead of the instruments, like how songs are nowadays. People listen to songs because of the sound of it. If it's good and catchy, then they love it -- until the song is played over and over again on the radio. Overall, the song was a great song choice and pretty much the lyrics are explanatory. I just wrote how the other person keeps opening the wound because they aren't putting in any effort in the relationship. And it takes both people in a relationship to keep it alive. Great song choice!
  • I really like this song as well it used to be my jam but like you said I never really thought about the lyrics that much. I feel like this song explains the fact that when people go through a breakup it does bring us to war with love because there is always that part of us that wants to hold on to what we had but there was a reason the breakup occurred. Like most people in the song he explained how breakups hurt us a lot on the inside but most of the time we don't really show that. We mask ourselves behind the oh "I'm okay" or "it never really mattered to me" but most of the time it does and it hurts a lot. I felt like in the song when he said "I wish that I could stop loving you so much" he was explain how he didn't want to love her because something happened where she cheated or just really hurt him and he shouldn't have the feelings he does towards her but he does and it kills him. Lastly when he said "Cause it'll never be over, until you tell me it's over" that he was the one who had to go forward with the breakup because something bigger happened where the COULDN'T be together but he didn't want to let go of what they had. He wasn't going to let go until she told him to.
  • Just looking through the song I thought that it was going to be about love because there were so many inferences pointing towards it. After listening to the song, I felt that it was about a relationship where the guy was trying to hold on to what was left of a breakup with someone, even though he is in pain. I felt that the use of post-traumatic stress was used very well to convey the emotions coming from the guy. While I have never listened to anything by Guy Sebastian or Lupe Fiasco, I think that I'll check some of their work because it sounds like something I would be interested in.
  • I really liked your song choice because I also use to love to listen to this, but I didn't listen to it and really think of the lyrics. I use to listen to it to get pumped up for junior high games, but I didn't really think of it as a very sad song like I do now. I think that this song is about how tough relationships are and how sometimes they don't workout for the both. The guy in this song really loves the girl, but he knows he shouldn't because he knows that she doesn't like him. I also agree with you that the singer did a good job showing how sometimes relationships can be a bad thing and sometimes they just don't work out.
  • He showed that you have to know what will happen if you are in a bad relationship and the effects it can have on you if you are truly in love with this person but he or she isn't back. It can hurt a lot. The song tells you that you are on your own most of the time in these kind of relationships, referring to Tom Hanks. I personally listen to the song all the time and me being a war type person brings me closer to this song. Great song choice.
  • I thought this song was about like maybe an abusive relationship or a relationship that the girl wanted out of but the boy had to strong of feelings for her. When we had the large group discussion, I didn't know what the Tom Hanks meaning was, but now I do. I would have ever knew about the war movie and this song if It was never brought. I can see how it was brought up about bad relationship and what they can cause. This was a good song.
  • I remember hearing this song when it like first came out and i loved it. I haven't heard it in a long time. I think that it is basically just about how he fell in love with the wrong girl, and she keeps messing with his emotions and walking all over him. It is basically a one sided relationship, just him waiting for her to keep coming back. And when he says "battle scars" i believe that he is referring to his broken heart, and it tells that she is emotionally abusive instead of physically abusive, which in my opinion is just as bad.
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