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Realizing how much I go on my phone and/or rely on my phone is crazy. Even at my family events, the majority of them spend a long amount of time on their phones rather than cherishing the time together. We don't get to see each other all the time and then when we do, it feels like we are drifting apart. No longer do we play games at family events or have long deep conversations with each other. We are too focused on what we see posted on facebook or that roasting tweet. It's just that my family used to be all fun talk and laughter, but it has slowly decreased. We, now take these moments for granted. I try to make the most of these moments I have with my family because you never know what is going to happen. I want to be present with the people I care about. Sometimes I miss the way it used to be when technology wasn't a huge effect of our lives. I encourage you to be present with the people around you. BE where you are.

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  • I completely agree with this and have realized that it has happened in my family too. When we have bigger get togethers us younger generations seem to be attached to our phones. When I am with my family that I don't get to see very often I try to stay off of my phone as much as possible. I do still tend to use it as a crutch if the adults are having a conversation that I feel like I can't properly contribute to. This safety net wasn't always there in the past and you had to spark conversations yourself or not talk at all.
  • My family is really bad with technology. I will be talking to my mom while she is looking at her phone and she won't hear a word that I say, so eventually I just give up and don't try talking to her. I think it's really sad that people would rather be on social media than spend time with people.
  • I care deeply for my family as I don't know when they could go. Usually at family reunions my family talks to each other, but they usually talk while on their phones, playing something or looking through their feed. I can't say that I'm not guilty, as I do that too. However, I look up if I think that it might be a very short conversation or if it'll last thirty minutes.
  • My family is not to bad with technology. Sure we have those moments were we are all on our phones but most of the time we are talking to each other. The same thing happens when my WHOLE family gets together. We all talk and laugh about old times. I do go on my phone when no one is talking to me but not for the whole time. I love my family and I want them to know I appreciate them so I stay off my phone.
  • This is a great idea. It's hard to get quality time with friends or family when everyone is on their phones. It's crazy how much we use our phones just for a little source of entertainment when we could be having a better time with embracing the moment with the people around us.
  • Great message, Sami. I think more people are starting to realize what we've lost by becoming "lost" in our devices. I hope this leads to a change in how we integrate technology into our lives. Tech is great, but talking to people matters.
  • This is such a good idea. I do also miss when we had little technology and some days I wish that I could go back. I really want to try this with my family and become closer to them again.
  • I love this. My mom doesn't have a smartphone and my dad doesn't even have a phone, but they are almost always on their iPads and I'm always on my phone. We used to all sit together and watch movies where we were forced to turn our phones off, but now that seems to never happen. I feel like technology has taken over.
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