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Being on Your Phone While Ordering

Ever since I started working in a restaurant, I've grown to hate the people that come in and talk on their phone for 10 minutes before they'll actually talk to you. It's very annoying because I'm trying to give you the best service that I can, but I find it very rude if you can't have your phone conversation before you come in and sit down, or tell the person you're talking to that you'll call them later. I also hate when people are too busy texting to even look at the menu for a minute to decide what they want. I usually give people two or three minutes to decide before I come back, but if they can't handle being off their phone for that long, I wish they would just stay home.

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  • I think this is so disrespectful. It's not that hard to just give them a call when you're finished at the restaurant? I see people people talking on their phones at the registers at Hy-Vee too -- I think that is also annoying because they are not paying attention to if they want something in a bag or not. Why do people have the need to talk on the phone whenever, wherever?
  • Subway even has a sign asking customers to put away their phones while ordering. America 2016: Lost in Our Phones.
  • This is a common theme, that is growing to large. Even at the checkout in Fareway, it is a problem where the customers are on there phones. When the cashier is done ringing them up, they have to wait nearly 4-5 mins just to get the person to begin to pay. I agree with you Krysta if the person, has to be on the phone they should just take care of it before they come or after,because that is one of the biggest pet peeves checkers have when I ask them why the're not liking the customers with their phones.
  • I agree, I think it's really disrespectful. Even sitting down at a restaurant just as a guest with a friend or family member, I think putting the phone away or not using it as much should be done.
  • I think it's very rude when people do this because it's disrespectful. I feel bad whenever I am texting or calling someone while sitting at a restaurant.
  • I know what you mean! I work at a gas station and it's very hard to ask someone if they got gas or something when they were on the phone, because then they look at you like YOU'RE the rude one. It drives me nuts. Unless the call is urgent, they can always callback.
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