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Black Chyna and Rob on Social Media

Okay, I know you guys may not care to read this blog, but I see it all the time on social media! So for you guys who don't know, Black Chyna is this celebrity that had a child with Tyga, Kylie Jenners boyfriend. Now, Black Chyna had a child with Rob Kardashian. Rob is Kylie's half brother. Supposedly, Black Chyna recently took the baby and all her stuff from the house Rob and Chyna were living in. I guess she just up and left him? She took all the presents, the baby stuff and all of her belongings. On Instagram, I see people posting Rob's Snapchat story of him showing the cleaned out baby bedroom and all the rooms were vacuumed. Like who would get up and leave and vacuum after? Aren't you trying to hurry to get out of there? 

I also saw a video on Instagram of two girls at Victoria Secret with a big black bag, throwing a bunch of clothes into it. Then the girls ran away. I mean, yeah, it was kind of funny but what the heck? The caption said something about what Black Chyna did to Rob. There are also memes of Black Chyna's face cropped into Grinch pictures and much more. I think this situation is being blown out of proportion like always, and I think it may be for their TV show. I don't understand why they would do something so evil, just to get publicity. I just don't get stuff like this. I just thought I should share this because I am getting tired of seeing it everywhere. It was even the first popular thing on twitter Saturday night. Wow, right? I know it's sad, and I really hope it isn't a stunt. 

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  • This is actually the first time I've heard of this. I can't really get into shows like that or that drama because I feel like a lot of it is staged for the publicity.
  • It's sad that this stuff becomes popular on social media. It's terrible that they would post things about it just to get attention. This kind of reminds me of school drama. The most stupid things happen and everyone knows about it by the end of the day and it explodes on social media.
  • Think about this poor kid, growing up as a meme rather than a human being. To quote noted philosopher Donald Trump: "Sad!"

    We are amusing ourselves to death.
  • I agree, it's so sad. If it's true, my heart is broken for Rob, but I never know if anything is real with social media. People will do anything for money. Honestly, I believe Black Chyna tried to use Rob for more publicity.
    • I agree, celebrities and their publicity.. *emoji eye roll*
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