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Black Friday

With Black Friday just last week, I thought I would talk about how much companies advertise, especially during this time of the year. Although most of us generally dislike watching ads, it is a part of life at his point and we are used to it. But during the weeks leading up to Christmas the ads seem to become more frequent and extravagant. The extra amount of money they put into advertising must still earn them a decent profit because they continue to do it year after year. Usually when we think of ads we only think about the ones that we see on TV or online but the number of ads I receive through email and even in normal mail are still very high. I always used to wonder how some companies can still make so much money when the mark things down so much for Black Friday. Putting commercials on air is unimaginably expensive and it is mind boggeling to me that companies have enough money to advertise as much as they do. This just shows how overpriced certain things are. They can mark things down 50% and still make profit. I also think black friday seems to be a way for certain businesses to get rid of all of their products that they didn’t sell. Whatever their reasons behind it are, it is obviously working for them to continue it every year.

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  • I buy nearly everything online, and the number of catalogues I receive in the months of November and December is staggering. Not to mention the number of e-mails from companies that I have done business with in the past.

    Black Friday, to me, is the worst of modern-day America.
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