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  • This was a great article to read! It introduced and reviewed many aspects that the media portrays during political events. It talked about how each group can't believe that the other group can not see the issues from their point of view. And they are partially right, there are many factors that go into ones beliefs, their job, race, religion, and more. The media will pinpoint everything wrong with one candidate, and everything right with the other and vice-versa. Each person has different values, so you might take something one way, and someone else another, it all depends on how you look at it, if you want to be for it or against it and your background, beliefs, and values.
  • When people try and advertise for Trump and Hilary, they make them look bad so one of the sides won't vote for the other. We all see people differently than others because we are all made differently and all hear different things that we are taught to us to make us think that what we learn is true." The more you understand them, the less prejudice and implicit bias you will have." I totally agree with this statement because if you don't understand what they are trying to say then you will be confused. Maybe take it offensive on accident because you took it the wrong way. The mdiea tries to measure and connect to humans more than ever before.
  • I thought this article did a good job of explaining how each side of the debate over the new president is a little selfish. They refuse to see the other side of the argument because they do not want to accept the opinions of others. When it mentioned how most people get their news from Facebook, I think that's really true. I never watch the actual news, but i somehow still seem to know what's going on just from my Facebook feed. I think the lack of information the Facebook feed can give us creates a controversy of how we perceive the information and how we give it to others.
  • This article that is very good and interesting. I think everyone can relate to being annoyed with all of the politics, but this just makes us realize how social media is targeting us and making us want to express our opinion on everything. I have never realized some of the things that news sources can do to manipulate us to only focus on things that aren't as important than others. I also do agree that Facebook and all of the other social media site/apps should stop trying to manipulate us and start doing things to stop all of this nonsense. It's turning society into something no one saw coming, at least this soon. We all need to stop and think about what we have been sharing on social media and also what we pay attention to. Everyone needs to see this article.
  • It's not the internet's fault. It is human beings fault that people don't get much from the other side that they are on. It's been like this even before the internet, and with it we can actually look up the info, and look at all of the sources. It is a choice nowadays to be dumb, and people still chose it.
  • I think, that the media does have a huge effect on who we do elect for the president or any official for an office, because when the media is putting multiple informative objects on Facebook,Twitter,and etc. People are bound to start to drift towards that person or away from the person based on the article's information.
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