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So I had a little argument with my mom the other day about brands. She was angry that I didn't want a not-so popular brand name pair of jeans. I didn't like the texture and quality of the jeans she picked out for me. (normally we don't go shopping together, but she demanded) I told her that I normally buy my jeans from Hollister, Buckle, or American eagle. Then she got mad at me? She told me that I could get the same jeans that don't cost as much. The point is that I want good quality clothing, not just because it's name branded. I told her that I like the material of them and how comfy they feel when I wear them. I don't know about you, but I LOVE comfy clothes. They also last a long time, so I shop at those stores the majority of the time even if it costs more. I'd rather have better quality clothing that lasts a while than buying cheaply made clothing that don't last as long. 

Moral of the story: my mom just doesn't get it.

So I decided to research an article about brands and I actually showed it to my mom. It's called "Why a Brand Matters," by Lois Geller. It just lists things about brands and how you know what you're getting with a well-branded product or service. I just wanted to show her that because she had no reason to get all mad at me. What do you think about brands?

Source: Why a Brand Matters

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  • If you are buying a brand solely so you can "show" the brand to others, then I agree with your mother. But if you are buying a particular brand because you know the fit/style/quality, then fair enough. I will happily pay more for quality (especially now that I'm old). Not all "name brands" are necessarily superior quality, however.
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