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Can your own immune system kill cancer?

I was reading this article about how people think that your immune system can kill cancer. The food and drug administration approved a new drug called Keytruda, it is suppose to simulate the body's immune system for patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. This drug could be the first treatment that a patient receives for the disease, instead of chemotherapy. What do you guys think.? 

I want to believe this article, because people don't deserve to have this disease that a lot of other people dont have. No one asks for a dangerous disease like cancer. God gave us life on Earth, why would he invent disease if he wanted us to live on Earth. I dont know if that makes sense but I think thats kinda odd.

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  • Apply good media literacy habits: Where is the article from? Who published it? Who wrote it? Can you verify this information on any other credible sites?
  • I hope it is true also. I also hope that it is safer than chemotherapy because there are a lot of side effects from chemo.
  • Well I hope it's true. However, there are a lot of fake articles and conspiracies on the internet. Articles tend to leave out a lot of information. I hope it's true. That would make fighting cancer a lot easier.
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