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I picked this song because I use to like it alot, and it has a lot of meaning. The first verse of Major Lazer's song, Justin begins singing "Everybody gets high sometimes, you know- What else can we do when we're feeling low?" This line probably is referring to drug use because Bieber is assuming his friend needs some cheering up and that he understands that she would get high when she is "feeling low."  


Ed Sheeran is listed co-writer and marks the second time that Sheeran has worked with Bieber and the first being "Love Yourself." "And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right over- Into cold,cold water for you" This meaning that they are trying to portray is that if someone fell overboard into water that he would help them. I think this song can really relate to a lot of people that are struggling. I never really listened to Justin Bieber as a kid but I never realized how much people can relate to them.


I never really liked Justin Bieber because I kinda thought that his songs were about all these things I didn't really understand as a kid. Now that I am older I kinda understand what he is trying to say.  Basically Bieber is trying to tell us that he will do anything to keep her safe, even if they aren't together, they are just the closest friends.


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  • The song was definitely about a close friendship or a love relationship and the friend is very depressed and not handling things very well. Justin has gotten better with his new co-writer Ed Sheeran who knows how to use Justin's talent. The song was easy to get information out of but kept repeating so there wasn't a lot of new lyrics to go off of. Good song choice.
  • I like this song but I'm not a fan of Justin that much. When it say's "Everybody gets high sometimes, you know. What else can we do when we're feeling low?" I felt like he was saying for the general population everyone is addicted to something that takes the pain away. "I will still be patient with you and hope you know I won't let go" I think he was talking about like the girl is the only one that he wants and he'll never let go like come on he'll jump in cold cold water for her. When it says "I just wanna lay with you 'til I'm old you shouldn't be fighting on your own" I thought he was trying to say maybe the girl is going through a rough time but wants to be alone. Last I think the "You wont let go (I wont let go no no no no)" thing is talking about how they are both lonely but they won't ever give up on each other because that's maybe all they really have to depend on.
  • I think that this song is pretty good with showing the true meaning behind it. After listening to this I thought the meaning of this song was that the girl was depressed and that Justin is there to help her out. When it says, "I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you" I think that this lyric means that no matter what he is there for you through thick and thin and that is what the rest of the song is about how he will do anything to make her happy and to help her out with her depression no matter what.
  • When I heard this playing on Spotify's Today's Top Hits Playlist, I loved the catchy beat to it! I usually like listening to Justin Bieber's songs and usually he writes pop /rap love songs. I thought this song was kinda techno-ish/pop. The tempo changed through out the chorus and then slowed down a bit at MO's part. I thought the overall message was that he was willing to wait for her no matter what.. and he's just reassuring her that he will be there for her. I kinda thought that the girl maybe was in a bad relationship, or depressed, so she wanted Justin to save her because he would do anything for her. He said "I will jump right over into cold, cold water for her." That's saying a lot. Good song choice! tbh, i love justin
  • I haven't heard of this song before until in class recently. What I take from the song, is that the guy in the song is willing to go through pain to do anything for this girl that he likes. The lyric "I will jump right over into cold,cold water for you." is an example of what he would do to get her to like him like she does.The other is that he can see that she is in great pain and drugs are the only way out for her. I think that the song is about her being in great pain, and that the guy in the song is trying to make her feel better again.
  • I thought the song was mainly about a guy in the friendzone. That's just how I took it. It seemed to me though she had just gotten out of a bad relationship and was still hung up on the guy, but she still wanted her friend to help. The friend was there for her no matter what because he wanted her to be better and he truly cared for her and wanted to be with her. I thought that was what it meant by he would be patient and wait. I thought it meant he would wait for her. I think no matter how you interpret the song that it's pretty powerful. It's more of a wider topic so more people can relate to it. It's also upbeat and catchy so it becomes popular.
  • I personally liked your song choice, for JB and the meaning behind it. I definitely can tell that this song is about using an addiction to drown out the pain. However the guy tries to make it better by being there for the girl and doing anything to save her from herself. You can tell that he loves her and wants the best for her, and he will be her lifeline when she needs rescued. The girl sings saying that she wants to be saved, and that she doesn't want to be in the situation that she has put herself in. She is reaching out to him. Overall this song is basically about him saving her over and over, because he cares about her and wants the best for her, and that to me is helping her out of the situation and never letting go.
  • I really enjoy this song but I feel that most of the words speak for themselves and don't have much of a deeper meaning. It reveres part of the gender stereotypes because the male is showing more emotions by showing that he will always be there for this girl and that he greatly cares about her. Justin was known for drug use and I thought that was funny that this is the first line of the song. You can find different meanings for it though. I'll admit that I was a Belieber and it is interesting to see how much his music has changed.
  • I like this song because it is really catchy and because of the meaning behind it. I had no idea that Ed Sheeran was the co-writer of this song. I think that the meaning behind this song is that his friend is going through a really hard time and he is trying to do whatever he can to help her and make her happy. I don't think that this song is about them being anything more than friends.
  • I really like Justin Bieber's songs. I did not know that Ed Sheeran was the co-writer in this song and "Love Yourself', that really surprises me. I thought Justin Bieber made all of his own songs. I really like that you brought this song to class because it is so good! My understanding of this song is that he will help this friend or girlfriend through everything. He will fight her battles for her and that really is a great thing. This songs has really cool techno stuff and cool beats in it. Overall this is a great song with some meaning.
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