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There has been a growing number of people watching "Tasty's" cooking videos. I am guilty of going on Facebook for a few hours every once in awhile to binge watch cooking videos on the Tasty Facebook page. A few weeks ago I heard on the news why people are so addicted to watching these videos and it all made sense to me. Like we talked in class, everyone likes fast clips or otherwise we will get bored and not finish the video. This is why we have become so addicted to these videos. It also makes cooking seem really easy, even though you may not be able to cook. It can be compared to a calming one-minute meditation. It does surprising feel like a meditation in a way. I think it's so weird how something so little, especially on social media, can satisfy our brains.


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  • I love Tasty videos! I agree, it makes me feel so calm watching it and how a bunch of different ingredients can create something that looks so good. The videos are short and can keep my attention span.
  • I see these on Facebook feed as well. They do make cooking seem easy (and appealing to the eyes), although I have never actually tried any of their recipes. Good analysis here and in the comments about speeding up/shortening the videos to match our goldfish level attention spans.
  • I am addicted to these videos because I love cooking so I always try these out. They also have like "cooking panda" and Buzzfeed foods. I showed my grandma one once and she said "I can't even tell what's going on!! It's going too fast!" I think that's partially our generation too because we are so used to technology that we just want the best of the best and in this case, it's fast moving videos.
  • Before this class I would have never thought about how them speeding up and shortening the cooking videos make us more entertained. But now, while in this class, I did realize this exact thing with these videos. I sent one of these videos to my mom to make and she just didn't understand it because they don't give full directions in the video. You have to click on the link and read through the full instructions to actually make that certain food. People wouldn't want to sit there and watch the videos if they were hours long.
  • I absolutely love those videos. They make food look appetizing that I typically wouldn't even like. I watch these videos all the time and I can't even cook. However, it makes me want to go out and buy all of the ingredients and try it.
  • That's why vine got so popular, but just like vine it will die sooner, or later. We will get bored of it, and go on to some other thing.
  • I go on Facebook for approximately an hour everyday, just looking at videos. I am guilty of it too. I love watching the cooking videos that show the whole recipe and how to make it! The clips are very fast so it keeps the viewers attention. It reminds me of Vine because the videos were only 6 seconds -- so it is so easy to get hooked!
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